Blade Runner board game CPC

Board game: 2-4 Players

Each player is dealt six cards. Each card has a number from one to ten. A player who is dealt a hand totaling thirty-five or more is a Replicant; otherwise one is Human. The object is find a Replicant and destroy one to win the game. A player may take a look at any card in the player’s hand by landing on any of the opponent’s “VK Monitor Terminals.” Winning combat is a matter of rolling a higher number on the dice than the opponent.

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At last, I won this very HTF board game! My copy is unopened, thus, pictures are taken from Internet. I only did the outside one.

Juego de tablero Blade Runner de CPC

El único juego de tablero oficial de Blade Runner. Finalmente he conseguido un ejemplar, y además sin estrenar. Tiene, lógicamente, rastros del paso de los años (data de 1982), pero en su interior se encuentran todas las piezas. Tablero, fichas, instrucciones, etc. Es un juego simple en el que participan de 2 a 4 jugadores. Cada jugador tiene 6 cartas. Cada carta tiene un número del 1 al 10. Si el jugador consigue una mano con un total de 35 puntos o más es un Replicante; de otro modo es Humano. El objetivo es encontrar a un Replicante y destruirlo para ganar el juego. Un jugador puede ver cualquier carta de otro jugador si cae en una casilla con un Terminal VK. Ganar es una cuestión de conseguir los máximos números en los dados antes que el oponente.

CPC Board Game
CPC Board Game
The board
The board


  1. If your copy is unopened – and that picture of the exterior of the box is yours, I expect there is at least one other unopened copy of the game in existence.

    I know because i saw ti. It came up for auction at the Gencon 2007 game auction and was in absolutely perfect condition at that time. The comment from the auctioneer is that “it looked like it had spent the last 25 years in the shrin in a Sonsonite suitcase surrounded by pillows”.

    As I recall, the game went for over $700 in MINT unopened condition. Assuming yours is not the Gencon copy that subsequently got dinged up a little – there is at least one other floating copy around out there in better shape.

    Extremely hard to find collectible game though – I’ll give you that.

  2. Author

    Yeah, my copy is unopened as seen in the picture. The inside pictures pertain to other game set.

  3. I have two of these board games one opened and one sealed in shrinkwrap. I picked them up in Melbourne Florida in the early 90s. I am curious of the worth. I have lots of other collectibles from the movie as well.