Seen in ebay: 1:1 Scale professionally finished Daryl Hannah as a Replicant from Bladerunner Bust The bust has been finished with real hair and eyelashes for added realism and painted screen accurate! Limited edition of ten produced by artist DaWolf! Signed and numbered on the back 1 of 10! As seen in the pictures, bust is flat at the back to allow it to be hanged on the wall for easy storage! Very rare and hard to find piece! Very impressive piece standing over 14″ high! I hate this figure. Do you will pay *some* money for it? Busto de Pris a escala 1:1 YoRead More →

Hoy me he sorprendido con algo espectacular. Hace tiempo que, como muchos otros coleccionistas, estoy tras la pista del reloj de pulsera de Deckard, un simple (pero simple) reloj LCD de la marca Microma. Algo que se podía encontrar fácilmente en cualquier mercadillo hace apenas algunos años. Tras la eclosión del culto a Blade Runner, y concretamente por los props de la película, hay piezas como ésta que han subido su caché espectacularmente. En el caso de los relojes vintage, o de colección, ya es normal. Suelen pagarse cantidades respetables por cacharros (porque no pueden llamarse de otra forma) que ni siquiera funcionan, pero… formanRead More →

Some guys seem to think about people as dumb sheeps… Another ebay “offer” pop up and hurts me as fire! I’m looking for all available information about Braun products, to include some data in the Props Book. Then, I find this interesting book about 50 years of Braun success. But, hey folks, ebay seems to be a multipy machine when prices are set! Look the following snapshots. First one, ebay “offer”. Second one, brand new book selling at “Do you know what a turtle is? Same thing…” Abusando de la gente Algunos tipos parecen pensar que la gente somos como corderitos estúpidos… ¡Otra “oferta”Read More →

Today, I’ve received what is supposed to be a Criterion DVD edition of Blade Runner Director’s Cut. FAKE! This is a real fake recorded in a DVD-R with a bad copy cover… Totally trash… Where can you AVOID to buy it? Here: Critical Mass Entertainment shop Fight against piracy! UPDATE Seller refunds me the total amount of this transaction. A positive point for it. No more to say. Blade Runner DVD Criterion es un CHURRO! Hoy he recibido lo que se supone era una edición Criterion en DVD del Montaje del Director. Pues… en realidad es un churro hecho en un DVD-R con una portadaRead More →

Several months ago I’ve bought the CRL Blade Runner game in Commodore 64 version. A rarity and oldie, no doubt. Today, I won the ZX Spectrum version (I don’t known that exists!) on eBay. A nice addition to the games category related to Blade Runner. Juegos antiguos Algunos meses atrás compré el juego CRL Blade Runner en versión Commodore 64. Un rareza y antiguo, sin duda. Hoy he ganado la versión ZX Spectrum (que ni siquiera conocía) en eBay. Una bonita adición a la categoría de juegos relacionados con Blade Runner.Read More →

I’m an eBay addict. Of course. Everyday my email is plenty of new items added for Blade Runner searches, or other items (in a future, will be blogged as BR is). Today was stunning for me. An eBay auction title as: The Final Cut Screening TICKETS appears in my screen. BLADE RUNNER THE FINAL CUT The OFFICIAL 25th ANNIVERSARY EVENT!! EXCEPTIONAL SCREENING with Cast and CREW! VIP SEATS FOR TWO GUESTS —————– THE JULES VERNE ADVENTURE FILM FESTIVAL AWARDS NIGHT Hosted by MALCOLM McDOWELL SUNDAY DECEMBER 9, 2007 Shrine Auditorium 665 W. Jefferson Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90007 Starting bid, this morning, $500. Wow! IRead More →

Browsing eBay news about BR items, sometimes you will find strange things or curious ones, like these: “If you’ve seen Blade Runner then you couldn’t miss those cool umbrellas that were carried around the rainy streets and you said to your self that would be cool to have well, here’s the next best thing! This is a full functioning Umbrella with a lighted center rod! The color is bright blue as is the color of the material as well. It is super bright and is a real eye catcher. The power source is three AAA batteries that fire up a cluster of superbright LED’s. NotRead More →