Four Deadly Androids; One Bounty Hunter; We’re in BIG trouble Mark needs our support!!! Bladder Run – a homage to Blade Runner. Rex Dickard is a retired bounty hunter living in a sprawling city of the future. He is brought into the headquarters of his old boss, Frank Brian, by a new bounty hunter, Guff. There Brian briefs Dickard about four deadly escaped androids, Junior; Nora; Pritt and Ray Botty. Dickard agrees to take on one last case, and begins his investigation at the Lorell Corporation, where he meets Raquel a repressed nymphomaniac and top of the line android. As his investigation proceeds, Dickard encountersRead More →

Some months ago I’ve ripped all the frames contained in the Final Cut 5 disc edition. Thousands of pictures, more than 1,080,000 snapshots… The Workprint edition, Director’s Cut, Final Cut, Dangerous Days, featurettes… all. Ok. Many people asked me why such a huge task, why to store more than 1,3Tb of data. Well, my answer is ever the same, I need to get a particular frame to illustrate my book, my own creation about Blade Runner props. Silly? Yeah! Sometimes a second snapshot is not enough I need to go to frame level to get the best picture possible. Ok. Time passed… I’m still workingRead More → has done a great job making this replica. Good wallet, and nice ID cards inside, plus money! Excellent quality in each of these items. And a plenty of room to put in some more… like the credit card made by Kevin, or VK card… La cartera de Deckard Un buen trabajo el de en esta réplica. Una cartera de buena calidad, con varias tarjetas de identificación en su interior, ¡y llena de billetes! Todos los elementos presentan una alta calidad en sus cabados. Y además, mucho espacio para añadir otros… tal como la tarjeta de crédito hecha por Kevin, o la tarjeta deRead More →

Here you have some pictures of my new showcase, devoted to the Blade Runner weapons for now… It’s a BERTBY Ikea one. Nine shelves to put in very nice items. In the pictures you may see a Hartford Blaster, Offworld Blaster, a one block resin blaster and then, some COP 357 replicas: two Marushin COP 357, black and silver, and one block resin version. I planned to put in the showcase the two PKD models from Rick Ross, but unfortunately, they are still unmounted and unpainted… Una nueva vitrina Aquí os presento una serie de fotografías de mi nueva vitrina, dedicada a las armas deRead More →

Another interesting fan creation is this apartment card. Created by Kevin (Propsummit). This is suposed to be used by Deckard to enter his apartment. Tarjeta del apartamento de Deckard Otra interesante creación de aficionado es esta tarjeta llave. Creada por Kevin, de (Propsummit). Se supone que es la tarjeta usada por Deckard para entrar en su apartamento.Read More →

Three original JF Sebastian cards made by phoenixvader, the same author of Marguerite glasses (check Propsummit site). A neat gift for me! And very original ones I my opinion. Tarjetas de JF Sebastian Tres tarjetas identificativas de JF Sebastian, originales creadas por phoenixvader, el mismo autor de las copas Margarita (ver la página de  Propsummit). ¡Un bonito regalo para mí! Y muy original, creo yo.Read More →

Summer 2002, Issue #43 In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Blade Runner. Near mint condition interesting magazine about kits (figures and so on), featuring articles about Deckard and Batty figure kits, Spinner kits, etc. Four pages plenty of information. KITBUILDERS Magazine Verano 2002, número 43 En celebración del 20 aniversario de Blade Runner. Revista en condición prácticamente nueva sobre kits (tales como figuras, etc), con un par de artículos sobre kits de figuras de Deckard y Batty, así como Spinners. Cuatro páginas repletas de información.Read More →

Some days ago I post about this book and eBay abuses (the book is still at sale at eBay… hehe). Well, here you have some info about it: Translated by Live Translator from original German text Short description the story of a brand myth Brown is a trade myth and stands for a key history of design. The comprehensive product history of this most famous designfirma shows how Brown many modern devices their form and more designklassiker has produced as many other manufacturers. How a stereo fixed asset, a flash device or a hair dryer looks, originated in brauns legendary design where still for simplicity,Read More →

Yeah, a new star has born. Shirak works with illustration, photography, cosplay, and many more things… all of this, ART. I know her thru Nexus gallery, thus, Pris character played with a nice style. Go and visit her site. It’s a different world worth a journey! Apertura de la site de Shirak Ha nacido una nueva estrella. Los trabajos de Shirak en ilustración, fotografía, cosplay, y muchas otras cosas… todo ello, es ARTE. La conocí a través de su galería Nexus, emulando a Pris con un bonito estilo. Visita su página. ¡Es otro mundo que bien vale un viaje!Read More →

Recently I received a great pile of junk. Yes, JUNK… Between trash and more trash, I found these two pieces, not finished yet, but interesting anycase. A little almost finished spinner, and a not so finished, just out of mould, sedan. I think could be a great starting point to make two beautiful replicas. But… seriously, I cannot do this fine work, and, in the other hand, the spinner look is very satisfiyng for me. What do you think? Modelos de un spinner y un sedan de Deckard Hace poco recibí una inmensa montaña de trastos. Si, TRASTOS… Entre basura y más basura encontré estasRead More →

Just received. A fan project. One of a kind, I guess. A little Deckard figurine custom made, blister and the rest also custom made. A good work for starting a series of custom made figures about Blade Runner. Yes, this a unique piece. In a 1 to 10 scale, I will give 7 points. Figura de Deckard hecha a mano Acabo de recibirla. Un proyecto de aficionado. Una en su categoría, así lo creo. Una pequeña figurita de Deckard hecha manualmente, así como el blister y el resto, también hechos a medida. Un buen trabajo como punto de partida para realizar una serie de figurasRead More →