Long time since my last post here. Now, a premiere, or better, a pre-post… I have so much work at home, classifying, cleaning and setting up my room space to achieve a clear goal. Have all my collection in order and accesible… No more boxes, no more piles of books, magazines and so on in a chaotic environment. The work is not finished yet, but light is near to come. Philip K Dick is one of the most important sections in my collection about Blade Runner. In fact, I think is the largest book collection I have about one topic. More than… 500 books? perhapsRead More →

Today I’ve received three Blurb books. None involved with Blade Runner. Two of them have Japan as subject. The other one, beautiful landscapes. Well, each one has different approachs in composition, cover, bindings, number of pages and so on. And all of them looks great in overall. Only type could be better in one of the books. Perhaps author faults, I don’t know. But, paper quality and picture quality is great! I think this will be the way… Blurb editions, one by one, with a reasonable cost, easy distribution to US/Canada market and not so expensive to Europe. Time of printing from order is aboutRead More →