A nice kit its available from Ichiban Toys. The LEGO Spinner kit. Wow, I think this is a great idea. To build alternate LEGO kits for fans. Ichiban has several cars and figures, like the Delorean, Batman, Ferrari, the Spinner… well done Ichiban! This is a great way to share nice new kits to the public! If you think about this, needs are basical. Only a bunch of LEGO pieces, an idea, develop it, make a blueprint, put all in a box and you have a new toy!!! Dying to get the kit in my hands… Will be a nice starting point to develop some kits,Read More →

Ever dreamed with a big Spinner model from Medicom? Too expensive? Too hard to find at ebay? Well, now you can pre-order a new release Spinner in blue from Medicom. The kit includes the model itself (23.5 cm long) and the movie, two-disc edition in BluRay (Final Cut + Workprint). Not so cheap, but affordable. Read more details here: BigBadToyStore.com Thanks to a Japanese friend, I have it! Right from Amazon.co.jp and before tsunami, the box comes to Spain. View all the pics in the post at BladeRunnerCollection.com (clic here or in the update picture).   ¿Has soñado alguna vez con tener un modelo MedicomRead More →

A new figure from China, the Blade Hunter. A new Deckard at 1/16″ escale. Well done, except, IMHO, in the shoes. Two heads included, one with some blood. Two extra hands, a wrist clock, unicorn and wallet. But… where is the blaster? A missing here boys… The box is a sturdy cardboard one, perfect to protect the figure. Now, is time to launch Google and search for a blaster… one more time! XD Una nueva figura desde China, el Blade Hunter. Un nuevo Deckard en escala 1/16″. Bien hecho, excepto, para mí, en los zapatos. Se incluyen dos cabezas, una de ella con marcas deRead More →

The Android Hunter articulated figure has a bunch of possibilities if you change the head (and clothes, of course). I’ve receved trhree heads that fit in this body. One is the same as original Deckard. Second, alternate version to Deckard head (and IMHO more accurate in expression). Third one is Roy Batty, not so accurate but nice in overall. Cabezas de Android Hunter La figura articulada llamada Android Hunter tiene muchas posibilidades, si le cambias la cabeza (y la ropa, claro). He recibido tres cabezas que pueden usarse en dicho cuerpo. Una de ellas es igual a la original, como Deckard. La segunda, una versiónRead More →

A large unpainted bust, Deckard accurate is here. I must paint it (but I don’t have any experience in painting such stuff!). Detail is very nice and very accurate to Harrison Ford face. Busto de Deckard Un buen busto de Deckard sin pintar y muy acertado. Debo pintarlo, aunque no tengo ni idea de hacer estas cosas… Los detalles son muy precisos y el parecido con Harrison Ford es espectacular.Read More →