Well, only a picture! Don’t cry yet! Jovanka Vuckovic, known as the only BR fan with a arm with a huge tatoo about BR itself, featured here some weeks ago, and featured in the 4th disc of BR Final Cut (briefing edition, DVD checked, other to go), is finally in my collection! Yes! She sended me a very nice and large picture (perhaps the best of the tatoo set available in the Net) with a dedicated autograph and quote. The best quote of the film, IMHO. From Canada to Spain, no auctions, no taxes, no fees… nothing! only kindly and patience from her, and severalRead More →

From the Hauer’s Starfish Foundation, today I received an exemplar of All these moments book, signed by Rutger Hauer plus a picture of himself with the book, signed also. A way to help the AIDS cause. If the autographs are or not authentic is not the most important. La joya: All these moments por Rutger Hauer, autografiado Desde la Fundación Starfish de Hauer, hoy he recibido un ejemplar del libro All these moments , firmado por Rutger Hauer más una fotografía de él mismo con el libro, también firmada. Una forma de ayudar a la causa del SIDA. Si los autógrafos son o no auténticosRead More →