Yesss!!!! I cannot believe what my eyes read when I just arrived to page 399. My Blade Runner site is included in the seven sites cited by Paul M Sammon in the section devoted to Internet BR fan sites!!!! WOOOOWWWW! The description is not accurate, due the fact that previous MyBR are not a blog, (you still can visit them in the Archive section), but what the heck! This site is in the Blade Runner Bible for years to come!!!!!! HURRRAAAAHHH!!!!!!!! ¡¡¡Future Noir incluye My Blade Runner en la edición 2007!!!! ¡¡¡¡SIIII!!!!! No podía creerlo cuando mis ojos estaban leyendo la página 399. ¡¡¡My BladeRead More →

Yes. Today I’ve received two briefings with 5 DVD editions (numbered) from US. Also, a 4 DVD edition (also from US), and several other things: the hard-to-find Juan Campos book about Blade Runner, a 1st edition of Paul M Sammon‘s Future Noir, an excellent Lobby Card collection, a 1st (also) edition of Vangelis BSO in CD, and no more for now! Is strange to see briefing cases serialized. In Europe (in Spain), the is not serial number in the cases. Primeras ediciones del Final Cut desde USA Si. Hoy he recibido dos maletines con ediciones de 5 DVD (numeradas) desde USA. También una edición DVDRead More →

Today morning I did it. “Future Noir” of Paul M. Sammon under my arm. To the print house. “Please, CUT IT” I asked. The book was cutted along the spine to remove it and leave all the pages free! WHY? Oh… hehe… I wanna scan all the pics inside! This heavy book is impossible to put in a scanners without break it, thus… I BREAK IT! Yes… all have a cost. I bought two new copies three days ago in Amazon… I’ve cutted the “old” one I have readed… 🙂 Esta mañana lo hice. “Future Noir” de Paul M. Sammon bajo mi brazo. A laRead More →