Some weeks ago my friend Joan Cairos give me very valuable information about some props in Blade Runner. From a candid photo of Pris playing with the doll, he worked in the bottom of the picture. Yeah, in this location there are a pile of ancient books. Three of them shows the spine and titles. Wanna know the best part? Joan identified all of them accurately!!! And shared this info with me! Ok. So, with titles and author names I’ve done a fast search in the Net. Results: the three books were located as well. One of the is in my hands yet. The otherRead More →

Mini Argyle chair replica and postcard. This nite creation by Rennie Mackintosh appears clearly in the movie. The original one replicas 1:1 scale are available, but pricey! So… this is an alternate way to have it. One for a doll house, and one to put in a file archive or to send a friend. Cheap ones! Miniatura de la silla Argyle y tarjeta postal. Esta bonita creación de Rennie Mackintosh aparece claramente en la película. Las réplicas de la silla original a tamaño real están disponibles, pero realmente caras. Así que… esta es una alternativa para tenerla. Una para la casita de muñecas, y otraRead More →