Kerr (Cory Sanders) searches an underground world of illegal body modification with technology for Cole (Lia Albers) the woman he loves, but soon finds himself caught in a battle of control of the Modification scene. Their world will be torn apart. Modified is being released online, as a limited edition DVD and in select cinemas nationwide on September 3rd 2012. An interesting BR-alike movie. Give it a try! Kerr (Cory Sanders) investiga un mundo subterráneo de modificaciones ilegales del cuerpo humano a base de tecnología para Cole (Lia Albers) la mujer que ama, pero pronto se encuentra el mismo atrapado en la batalla por elRead More →

An impressive 3D model of the Deckard’s Blaster is now available in Youtube. The best part of the video is the last sequence, with the blaster in movement. A nice CG work, no doubt. 3D Blaster En Youtube podemos ver un impresionante modelo 3D de la blaster de Deckard. La mejor parte del vídeo es la última secuencia, con la blaster en movimiento. Un bonito trabajo de grafismo por ordenador, sin duda.Read More →

A new channel was opened last week on Vimeo. The MyBladeRunner channel will contains some videos related with Blade Runner, of course, and so on. Starting with three videos (sorry, only in Spanish for now). Two of them where featured in the last WeekendTrek Con of Barcelona, 2011: First, “Genealogía de Blade Runner, del robot al superhumano“, or in English, “Blade Runner genealogy, from robots to superhuman”. A journey thru all the movies from Metropolis to nowadays, explaining the evolution of robots, androids, cyborgs, IA’s, virtual reality and superhuman powers. Second, “Philip K Dick en el cine“, or “Philip K Dick at movies”. The mostRead More →