Long time….

Long time….

…from the last update. So, I need to say something to my fellows! First of all, I have too many open areas of interest since first post in this site. Many collections, many subjects, and so on. But, Blade Runner is ever in my mind, despite my lack of writing…. 😀

Blade Runner “2” or 2049, was a nightmare for many of us, but in the other side, puts Blade Runner back in the scene, in the social networks, in the media… you know. I don’t expect anything a priori. Let’s wait and see what happens. But other news arises. Good news I must say. Paul M Sammon revised his Future Noir book. Just waiting to put my hands in it! Next month or so, I guess. This is a very nice news for any Blade Runner fan and collector. Better than a sequel or anyquel of original movie.

Then, yes, my book. Almost 10 years after still in the process… Some weirds things occurred last two years. I was able to get in touch with a real editor. But… contact was lost many months ago. Life issues. I’m still in the way to put all my stiff together. I don’t know if will be in digital or physical form. I prefer printer paper, ever, but.. who knows. I write my thoughts in a Moleskine notebook, plenty of glued pictures and drawings, all by hand. When ready, I’ll put all in binary format to distribute it the best way I can. When? Don’t know… “When done” is a motto for all Duke Nukem fellows… I think will be mine too. Unfortunately, there is no other thing to say about. Too busy, too lazy, too many years passed…

My collection is almost in standby mode. From time to time I receive a nice addition, but not in active way. Since my firsts adquisitions and findings, my collection hobby has grown to merely two dozens subjects yet… I know. It’s crazy. I need to change from time to time, and collections in very diverse themes is my way. Also, beside BR collection, the PKD collections is very large now. More than 600 volumes, papers, bulletins, newspapers, magazines, notes are filling my scarce space. But I love it in the same level as BR.

Dying to have TIME to put all this in order… Pry for me if you are in the mood.

Meanwhile, Blade Runner forever!