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November 2008


2008 will long be remembered as a year of UPS and DOWNS not only for the world economy but also here at Syd Mead Inc. While some projects enabled me to soar to new heights of creative achievement, others evaporated before completion. Architectural renderings lead the way, with advertising and product designs, a close second. Non-disclosure clauses prevent any of these latest projects from being included in this newsletter, and regrettably, we have no new products or publications to announce with the exception of the line of clothing just released from ADDICT CLOTHING mentioned later. So for now, allow me to share a brief recap of this past year’s events to hopefully keep friends and fans up to date on projects and travel.

I am happy to announce that progress continued on a soon to be announced new eatery in midtown Manhattan which we hope will celebrate it’s grand opening on New Year’s eve 2009. Roger Servick and I were fortunate enough to attend the Cooper Hewitt awards diner as a prelude to this momentous occasion, sponsored by Jules Demchick, the developer of this project, and his wife Barbara Nessim, Jeffrey and Linda Chodorow of China grill fame and his wife Linda and their son Zack.

This year’s travels actually began in Vancouver at the Canadian Sigraph conference in March with my presentation to a capacity crowd which had been warmed to the occasion by the use of two, huge, lighted, bouncing spheres provided by TANGIBLE INTERACTIVE DESIGN. What a fantastic night! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the limited run of “VISUAL FUTURIST” at the Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor that same week. I returned to see the first copies of the IMAGE FX magazine arrive from London with a very nice ten page spread of my car designs and interview. My connection with the auto industry was further renewed when I was invited to exhibit examples of my work for a one man show from April through July courtesy of the Honda Advance Styling Studio in Oldtown, Pasadena.

Japan continued to be home to some of my most appreciative fans with several projects this year culminating in a week long visit in October. No new movies were on our slate but in June, I was happy to be the guest artist at the Neuchatel Fantastic Film Festival in Switzerland which allowed me the opportunity to also visit Chris Bangle and enjoy his barbeque with his fellow BMW designers in Munich just after touring the Mercedes Benz museum in Stuttgart. Impressive and informative. Capping off our European visit was a delightful evening atop the Jules Verne lounge in Zurich, Switzerland. A modern lounge restaurant atop a castle tower in the heart of the city, this enchanting venue is not to be missed.

I even managed to squeeze in a one day trip to Turin, Italy, to give a presentation and to be the guest of honor and the recipient of the AFTERVILL MAYORAL award in recognition for contributions to the forward thinking of city planners.

The WORLDWIDE WEB continued to be an ever increasing venue thanks to time spent with Xeni Jardin, Tech Culture Journalist who was instrumental in setting up an interview with Joel Johnson in July. Joel is the curator of Internet Esoterica, Anomalies, and Curiosities for Boing Boing . Net.

Joaquin Montalvan, Director of “VISUAL FUTURIST” expanded his directorial wings and more with a short feature “2019 A FUTURE IMAGINED” . See a preview on line at

Starting at our home base in Pasadena, Roger and I managed to complete a 6000 mile road trip in August enjoying the sights and hospitality of friends, family and acquaintances in Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, Louiville, Dallas, Phoenix and more. Through 16 states, our ultimate destination was the Detroit area where we not only attended a wedding, and a family reunion, but also visited the GM Tech Center in Warren and enjoyed a sailing adventure on Lake Huron. The visit to the Tech Center was in response to GM – Mentor Reflections, Syd stopped by the General Motors Tech Center At the invitation of Chief Design Manager Marc Florian, I stopped by to view the results of this year’s summer intern program and lend support and insights to these designers of the future vehicles.

For the third year in a row, I enjoyed an invitation as guest speaker and artist at the this year’s ADAPT Conference in Montreal this past September in an all new venue, which was the former home of the Montreal’s hockey team. While there, I was surprised to discover that “RAINY FREEWAY” which I painted in 1968, was chosen to announce the latest exhibition in the Unilever series “TH.2058” by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster at the Tate Museum in London. They produced thousands of posters and public displays around London using this illustration and have made them available on line and through the TATE gift shop at:

Quick notes:


In July we were invited and accepted an invitation to be associated with a phenomenal new generation digital media company named BIG STAGE enabling vivid personal projection into online media and activities.

LONDON : UK: To announce the latest exhibition in the Unilever series “TH.2058” by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, now on exhibit through April 13, 2009, at, the TATE MUSEUM thousands of posters are on public displays around London using a familiar illustration by Syd Mead. Copies are available at the TATE Giftshop and on line at:

Recently, I sent a copy of “BLADE RUNNERS, DEER HUNTERS, & BLOWING THE BLOODY DOORS OFF” by Michael Deeley, producer of the classic movie “BLADE RUNNER” as well as “The Deer Hunter” and “The Italian Job”. He has written a fascinating book where he takes us on a tour through the ways and wiles of getting great movies made. Along the way, he includes reminiscences of working with me and the whole “Bladerunner” experience.

From Faber and Faber Ltd. ISBN# 978-0-571-23919-1


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For all of you Facebook members, a new Syd Mead Fan Club has been created by Mark Lowe (our webmaster and friend). If you’d like to join our group for the inside track on all things Syd Mead.

Due to a busy travel and production schedule, there were no new products this year from Oblagon, Inc. so while we all take some time out to reassess our current situations, please accept my sincerest thanks to all my family, friends and fans around the world. Be sure to expect a very special Christmas Card which I hope will depict the optimism of the Christmas Spirit.