A new figure from China, the Blade Hunter. A new Deckard at 1/16″ escale. Well done, except, IMHO, in the shoes. Two heads included, one with some blood. Two extra hands, a wrist clock, unicorn and wallet. But… where is the blaster? A missing here boys… The box is a sturdy cardboard one, perfect to protect the figure. Now, is time to launch Google and search for a blaster… one more time! XD Una nueva figura desde China, el Blade Hunter. Un nuevo Deckard en escala 1/16″. Bien hecho, excepto, para mí, en los zapatos. Se incluyen dos cabezas, una de ella con marcas deRead More →

Here you have some pictures of my new showcase, devoted to the Blade Runner weapons for now… It’s a BERTBY Ikea one. Nine shelves to put in very nice items. In the pictures you may see a Hartford Blaster, Offworld Blaster, a one block resin blaster and then, some COP 357 replicas: two Marushin COP 357, black and silver, and one block resin version. I planned to put in the showcase the two PKD models from Rick Ross, but unfortunately, they are still unmounted and unpainted… Una nueva vitrina Aquí os presento una serie de fotografías de mi nueva vitrina, dedicada a las armas deRead More →

Simply but effective. A solution to put your blaster treasure standing up and ready to show for the masses. Andy from Propsummit do it the trick. Some cuts here and there, some sanding… and the stand is ready to go. I put one for each blaster, and everyone works fine! Well, only my unmounted and unfinished resin blaster is hard to maintain at place. But, who cares? Soportes para blasters Simple pero fectivo. Una solución para exponer las blasters y mostrarlas al público. Andy, de Propsummit, ha hecho el trabajo. Algunos cortes y un poco de lija… y soporte listo para su uso. He puestoRead More →

A new blaster has arrived. Marked as M2019 C.S. Blaster model-gun kit, with a japanese cardbox, and MFG HWS legend, this plastic and metal modelgun is really heavy. Metal parts are everywhere, except grips and LED’s circuit case. Includes bullets able to hold fluminant to be fired! A very nice piece IMHO. M2019 C.S. BLASTER (Hartford) Ha llegado una nueva blaster. Marcada como kit M2019 C.S., en un estuche de cartón escrito en japonés, y con la leyenda MFG HWS, este modelo de pistola de plástico y metal es realmente pesado. Es prácticamente metálica toda ella, excepto las culatas y el cajetín del circuito deRead More →

Cheap blaster for a while. This is a Silver Stomper blaster. Some details remember the Hero Blaster… but others are simply a riot! It has lights and sounds, like a kid toy! Funny! Made in China. What do you want for $25,00? Steampunk Silver Stomper Una blaster barata por una vez. Esta es la Silver Stomper blaster. Algunos detalles pueden recordar la Blaster de Deckard, pero otros son realmente graciosos. Tiene luces y efectos de sonido, ¡como un juguete de crío! ¡Divertido! Fabricada en China. ¿Qué esperabas por unos $25,00?Read More →

This will be the starting point for Subject list. This list include forum or site of origin, author / owner / maker, prop or theme, and several notes about movie snapshots to identify it, pictures available and so on. The list will be maintained and published regularly in this pages, forum pages and external forums as well. Engage! Temas para el libro de los props Esta es la lista inicial de Temas a incluir en el Libro de los Props. La lista esta en inglés y seguirá así, ya que el 99% de los temas que se incluyen, así como quienes proveen información, etc. sonRead More →

Leon gun prop received just this week. It’s a Marushin COP 357 replica done by Airsoft. It’s a gas gun, with movable barrel, 4 shots, etc. It’s a nice item for a price. Better than resin replicas. This gun appears as the Leon gun in Blade Runner, but also in Matrix Reloaded, as the gun used by Persephone (Monica Bellucci). It looks better in Monica’s hand! 🙂 La pistola de Leon Acabo de recibir una réplica de la pistola de Leon esta semana. Se trata de una Marushin COP 357 fabricada por Airsoft. Es una pistola de gas, con barrilete móvil, 4 disparos, etc. Está bienRead More →

Are you a cutter master? An origami fan? Well… take a breath, download the ZIP pack in this page, and build your own heroe blaster in plain paper!!! Pistola hecha de papel ¿Eres un artista del cutter? ¿Aficionado al origami? Pues… respira hondo, descárgate el fichero ZIP de esta página, ¡y constrúyete tu propia pistola en simple y llano papel! Files | Ficheros: 1.25630320.zip 2.25630528.zipRead More →

Yes, today is a great day! Seven new items arrived! Mail begins to work these days… Here is a brief detail of all: 1. Gaff unicorn handmade and instructions to do it. 2. Final Cut review in Film Review magazine, English. 3. 2019 Blaster replica. Not Coyle one, but a nice piece. Plastic and metal parts. 4. The Final Cut, French edition, in digipack with cards. 5. The Final Cut, German edition, in metal box, unopened. 6. Real spinner pictures. The author sells them thru ebay from time to time. 7. DADoES. Another edition. Cover collector, you know? XD Los Siete Pecados de hoy Sí,Read More →

Browsing eBay news about BR items, sometimes you will find strange things or curious ones, like these: “If you’ve seen Blade Runner then you couldn’t miss those cool umbrellas that were carried around the rainy streets and you said to your self that would be cool to have well, here’s the next best thing! This is a full functioning Umbrella with a lighted center rod! The color is bright blue as is the color of the material as well. It is super bright and is a real eye catcher. The power source is three AAA batteries that fire up a cluster of superbright LED’s. NotRead More →