Not Tarantino one. Real pulp fiction magazines and books are in my focus these days. Philip K Dick, like many many other authors of Sci-fi novels and short stories, published a bunch of works in those cheap publications. From 50’s to 60’s (for now), I’d located several of them, in great titles like Galaxy, If, Wonder Stories, Amazing Stories, and many more. These little books are old, very old, cheap paper with rusty and hard smell… Old paper, humidity, bacteries…. All of this will be removed, with luck, when I receive a little ozonizer!!! Will post the results… Meanwhile, I love to collect these littleRead More →

The complete Braun Domino lighter set. Three astrays and one lighter. Very rare and hard to find. But patience has good rewards. Not ever, but sometimes… is a great reward! This set was located thru my automatic search feature in eBay site. When it pops in my mailbox, I was excited. A complete set available? Wow. The previous Domino lighters were an “epic” adventure to be located and won. In this case, the battle was fast and easy. El set Domino Juego completo del encendedor Braun Domino. Tres ceniceros y un encendedor. Muy raro y difícil de encontrar. Pero la paciencia tiene buenas recompensas. NoRead More →

Boom! Studios may just have hit the sci-fi comic motherlode; they’re adapting Philip K. Dick‘s Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? into a groundbreaking new series mixing comic art with the original text, and more. The series, appropriately titled Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? will include the full text of Dick’s 1968 novel – famously adapted into the movie Blade Runner – alongside brand new sequential illustrations for something more than just illustrated prose. Laura Leslie and Isa Dick Hackett, Dick’s daughters, are excited about the possibilities offered by the 24-part series: We are thrilled that Do Androids Dream Of ElectricRead More →

Philip K Dick wrote a bunch of letters. Fortunately, they are available in several volumes as “The Selected Letters of Philip K Dick….”. Each volume includes a period of time. Each one could be viewed as a different step in the life and career of this sci-fi writer. Here, The Selected Letters of Philip K Dick, 1972-1973 and 1977-1979. Las Cartas Seleccionadas de PKD Philip K Dick escribió un montón de cartas. Afortunadamente, éstas están disponibles en diversos volúmenes con el título “The Selected Letters of Philip K Dick…”. Caa volumen abarca un período de tiempo. Cada uno puede ser visto como un paso diferenteRead More →

Bizarre futur visions from 20 Century. Nice to view how the future was seen some years ago… Follies of Science Sorprendentes visiones del futuro desde el siglo 20. Interesante ver cómo se imaginaban el futuro tan sólo hace unos pocos años…Read More →

Sci-fi magazine devoted to Blade Runner. Origin, Italy. Contains an inedit short story of Philip K Dick, “Immunitá” (“The Hood Maker”), “Venti Evocazioni” by Bruce Sterling and other stories. Interesting illustrations inside. Blade Runner 12, 03/1992 Revista de ciencia ficción italiana. Contiene el cuento inédito* (se supone que en dicho año) de Philip D Dick, “Immunitá” (“The Hood Maker”, “El fabricante de capuchas“) y el relato “Venti Evocazioni” de Bruce Sterling entre otros. Ilustraciones interiores interesantes, al estilo comic en B/N. *Al parecer este cuento está incluído en las Selected Stories Vol. 2 (edición USA), y en español, se encuenta en la edición de losRead More →

From Australia, offworld66 send me a real nice work about Gaff helmet. A pair of WWII items, several custom made pieces, and a lot of patience and good job results in a very realistic Gaff helmet, as you can see here. Thank you Tim! You’ve done a prop master job, sir! Casco de Gaff Desde Australia, offworld66 me envía un excelente trabajo en forma de casco de Gaff. Un par de objetos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, algunas piezas hechas expresamente y un montón de paciencia y de buen hacer, dan como resultado un casco de Gaff muy realista, tal como puede verse aquí. ¡GraciasRead More →

Well, only a picture! Don’t cry yet! Jovanka Vuckovic, known as the only BR fan with a arm with a huge tatoo about BR itself, featured here some weeks ago, and featured in the 4th disc of BR Final Cut (briefing edition, DVD checked, other to go), is finally in my collection! Yes! She sended me a very nice and large picture (perhaps the best of the tatoo set available in the Net) with a dedicated autograph and quote. The best quote of the film, IMHO. From Canada to Spain, no auctions, no taxes, no fees… nothing! only kindly and patience from her, and severalRead More →

Nov / Dec 1993 Featuring: Do Androids Dream of Unicorns? –The Seven Faces of BLADE RUNNER Paul M. Sammon compares seven versions of Ridley Scott’s 1982 science fiction masterwork! 28 pags. devoted to this article! Video Watchdog No.20 Nov / Dec 1993 Presentando: Do Androids Dream of Unicorns? –The Seven Faces of BLADE RUNNER ¡Paul M. Sammon compara siete versiones de la obra maestra de la ciencia ficción de Ridley Scott! ¡28 págs. dedicadas a este artículo!Read More →

The origin of the story. It was January 2021, and Rick Deckard had a license to kill. Somewhere among the ordes of humans out there, lurked sveral rogue androids. Deckard’s assignment –find them and then… “retire” them. Trouble was, the androids all looked and acted exactly like humans, and they didn’t want to be found! ¿Sueñan los androides con ovejas eléctricas? El origen de la historia. La guerra mundial ha devastado el planeta. Rick Deckard –experto en el manejo de androides, creados por el hombre pero que ahora están en libertad– tiene como ocupación principal la destrucción de androides rebeldes, por lo que recibe unRead More →