Seen in ebay: 1:1 Scale professionally finished Daryl Hannah as a Replicant from Bladerunner Bust The bust has been finished with real hair and eyelashes for added realism and painted screen accurate! Limited edition of ten produced by artist DaWolf! Signed and numbered on the back 1 of 10! As seen in the pictures, bust is flat at the back to allow it to be hanged on the wall for easy storage! Very rare and hard to find piece! Very impressive piece standing over 14″ high! I hate this figure. Do you will pay *some* money for it? Busto de Pris a escala 1:1 YoRead More →

The complete Braun Domino lighter set. Three astrays and one lighter. Very rare and hard to find. But patience has good rewards. Not ever, but sometimes… is a great reward! This set was located thru my automatic search feature in eBay site. When it pops in my mailbox, I was excited. A complete set available? Wow. The previous Domino lighters were an “epic” adventure to be located and won. In this case, the battle was fast and easy. El set Domino Juego completo del encendedor Braun Domino. Tres ceniceros y un encendedor. Muy raro y difícil de encontrar. Pero la paciencia tiene buenas recompensas. NoRead More →

This is one of the books that appears in the Deckard’s apartment. Not difficult to locate. You may try at ebay, or, better,, a service that locates books around the world in any status. The book depicts France like a travel guide, plenty of pictures in black and white. In French, of course. Book dates from 1950’s. Promenades en France Uno de los libros que aparece en el apartamento de Deckard. No es difícil de localizar. Puedes intentarlo en ebay, o mejor aún, en, un servicio que localiza libros en cualquier parte del mundo y en cualquier estado. El libro muestra Francia comoRead More →

Hard to find (just try it!), I’m luckily located this copy at ebay. Rare, very rare to see the PKD classic in Henrew language… Reading order is reverse, that is, from back to cover (like Japanese books and so on). And, the only data in occidental characters are the main title, ISBN number and year of publication… Wow, I need some lessons!!! Sueñan los androides con ovejas eléctricas? en edición hebrea Muy raro de localizar (¡sólo inténtalo!), he tenido la suerte de localizar una copia en ebay. Raro, muy raro ver la obra de PKD en lengua hebrea… El orden de lectura es inverso, esRead More →

A complete review of 2008 can be read here: ¡Boletín de Syd Mead como felicitación navideña! Puedes leer (en inglés) un completo repaso del año 2008 aquí: If unavailabe, you can read it here. Si no está disponible, puedes leerlo aquí.Read More →

Almost wasted! This rare orange set is a must in a Blade Runner props collection. But, unfortunately, it arrived broken. Broken figure, broken glasses… A poor packaging is part of this catastrophe, the rest, the excellence of handling personnel, no doubt. Anyway, the globe is complete, and the glasses could be replaced (I have 4 spare glasses, not the same colour than broken ones, but…). The figure must be glued or so on… Several months waiting for this set to appears at ebay (thanks Andy from Propsummit to make a notice about it!) and the result is a breakage…. The green one version is alsoRead More →

Some days ago I post about this book and eBay abuses (the book is still at sale at eBay… hehe). Well, here you have some info about it: Translated by Live Translator from original German text Short description the story of a brand myth Brown is a trade myth and stands for a key history of design. The comprehensive product history of this most famous designfirma shows how Brown many modern devices their form and more designklassiker has produced as many other manufacturers. How a stereo fixed asset, a flash device or a hair dryer looks, originated in brauns legendary design where still for simplicity,Read More →

Some guys seem to think about people as dumb sheeps… Another ebay “offer” pop up and hurts me as fire! I’m looking for all available information about Braun products, to include some data in the Props Book. Then, I find this interesting book about 50 years of Braun success. But, hey folks, ebay seems to be a multipy machine when prices are set! Look the following snapshots. First one, ebay “offer”. Second one, brand new book selling at “Do you know what a turtle is? Same thing…” Abusando de la gente Algunos tipos parecen pensar que la gente somos como corderitos estúpidos… ¡Otra “oferta”Read More →

But… I’m so lucky that is not ONE item…. I found FOUR Braun Domino lighters, like the one that appears in the microscope scene (watching snake scale). The white (or ligth grey) was used in the “microscope” itself!!!! Very hard to find these pieces… The four set comes from Italy. Seems like these lighters was popular in this country. For your information, seller has 2 in stock yet… and if you like to know, search was: “BRAUN ACCENDINO DA TAVOLO”. Still available!!! HERE! Otro objeto Braun largamente esperado… Pero…. no he tenido la suerte de encontrar UNO…. he encontrado CUATRO encendedores Domino, iguales al queRead More →

You must have a good eyes to catch it, but there is a Technics SL-7 turntable in one of the Deckard’s apartment walls. Thanks to guys, I could get it from ebay. France is a great option to find these vintage devices! A very heavy item, I must say. Plato Technics SL-7 Tienes que tener buen ojo para verlo, pero ahí está el plato Technics SL-7, en una de las paredes del apartamento de Deckard. Gracias a los chicos de he podido conseguir uno en ebay. Francia es la mejor opción para conseguir uno de estos viejos tangenciales. Eso sí, es un cacharroRead More →

No so easy fo find the exact model, but burmese opium (actually not only opium at all) weights are around at ebay, and you may find all kind of figures, not only ducks. This one is one of two duckies I won past week. Is slightly different of the piece that appears in the movie, but very accurate, IMHO. Pesa birmana para opio (patito) No es fácil de encontrar el modelo exacto, pero las pesas birmanas para opio (y otras cosas en realidad) se encuentran por todas partes en ebay, y puedes encontrar varias figuritas, no sólo patos. Este es uno de los dos patosRead More →

As seen in the Deckard’s apartment, briefly, just when Rachael go out when she knows her replicant nature. Designed by Jürgen Greubel in 1970. Available at ebay for a price… La exprimidora licuadora BRAUN Multipress MP50 Tal com se ve en el apartamento de Deckard, justo cuando Rachael se marcha al saber su condición de replicante. Diseñada por Jürgen Greubel en 1970. Se puede conseguir en ebay a un cierto precio…  Read More →

Today, I’ve received what is supposed to be a Criterion DVD edition of Blade Runner Director’s Cut. FAKE! This is a real fake recorded in a DVD-R with a bad copy cover… Totally trash… Where can you AVOID to buy it? Here: Critical Mass Entertainment shop Fight against piracy! UPDATE Seller refunds me the total amount of this transaction. A positive point for it. No more to say. Blade Runner DVD Criterion es un CHURRO! Hoy he recibido lo que se supone era una edición Criterion en DVD del Montaje del Director. Pues… en realidad es un churro hecho en un DVD-R con una portadaRead More →

Yes, today is a great day! Seven new items arrived! Mail begins to work these days… Here is a brief detail of all: 1. Gaff unicorn handmade and instructions to do it. 2. Final Cut review in Film Review magazine, English. 3. 2019 Blaster replica. Not Coyle one, but a nice piece. Plastic and metal parts. 4. The Final Cut, French edition, in digipack with cards. 5. The Final Cut, German edition, in metal box, unopened. 6. Real spinner pictures. The author sells them thru ebay from time to time. 7. DADoES. Another edition. Cover collector, you know? XD Los Siete Pecados de hoy Sí,Read More →