If you ever asked you where to find the magnification images showed in the microscope from the ADN row sequence, here you have the answer: Magnifications book, by David Scharf, a collection of beautiful images done with the scanning electron microscope. All images are in black and white, thus, the imagen in the movie has faux colour. Magnifications Si alguna vez te has preguntado dónde encontrar las imágenes ampliadas mostradas en el microscopio de la escena de la calle del ADN, aquí tienes la solución: el libro Magnifications, de David Scharf, una colección de bellas imágenes realizadas por el microscopio eletrónico. Todas las imágenes sonRead More →

This is one of the books that appears in the Deckard’s apartment. Not difficult to locate. You may try at ebay, or, better, Abebooks.com, a service that locates books around the world in any status. The book depicts France like a travel guide, plenty of pictures in black and white. In French, of course. Book dates from 1950’s. Promenades en France Uno de los libros que aparece en el apartamento de Deckard. No es difícil de localizar. Puedes intentarlo en ebay, o mejor aún, en Abebooks.com, un servicio que localiza libros en cualquier parte del mundo y en cualquier estado. El libro muestra Francia comoRead More →

Some days ago I post about this book and eBay abuses (the book is still at sale at eBay… hehe). Well, here you have some info about it: Translated by Live Translator from original German text Short description the story of a brand myth Brown is a trade myth and stands for a key history of design. The comprehensive product history of this most famous designfirma shows how Brown many modern devices their form and more designklassiker has produced as many other manufacturers. How a stereo fixed asset, a flash device or a hair dryer looks, originated in brauns legendary design where still for simplicity,Read More →

At last, the “Blade Runners, Deer Hunters, and Blowing the Bloody Doors Off” Michael Deeley’s book is available at Amazon.com (other sites as well, of course). This hardcover edition show the relation between Deeley and cult film movies. A must for BR fans IMHO. El libro de Michael Deeley ya está disponible en Amazon Finalmente, el libro “Blade Runners, Deer Hunters, and Blowing the Bloody Doors Off” de Michael Deeley está disponible en Amazon.com (y en otros sitios, por supuesto). Esta edición en tapa dura muestra la relación entre Deeley y las películas de culto. Indispensable para los aficionados a Blade Runner, según mi opinión.Read More →

Some guys seem to think about people as dumb sheeps… Another ebay “offer” pop up and hurts me as fire! I’m looking for all available information about Braun products, to include some data in the Props Book. Then, I find this interesting book about 50 years of Braun success. But, hey folks, ebay seems to be a multipy machine when prices are set! Look the following snapshots. First one, ebay “offer”. Second one, brand new book selling at Amazon.de. “Do you know what a turtle is? Same thing…” Abusando de la gente Algunos tipos parecen pensar que la gente somos como corderitos estúpidos… ¡Otra “oferta”Read More →

This will be the starting point for Subject list. This list include forum or site of origin, author / owner / maker, prop or theme, and several notes about movie snapshots to identify it, pictures available and so on. The list will be maintained and published regularly in this pages, forum pages and external forums as well. Engage! Temas para el libro de los props Esta es la lista inicial de Temas a incluir en el Libro de los Props. La lista esta en inglés y seguirá así, ya que el 99% de los temas que se incluyen, así como quienes proveen información, etc. sonRead More →

From the Hauer’s Starfish Foundation, today I received an exemplar of All these moments book, signed by Rutger Hauer plus a picture of himself with the book, signed also. A way to help the AIDS cause. If the autographs are or not authentic is not the most important. La joya: All these moments por Rutger Hauer, autografiado Desde la Fundación Starfish de Hauer, hoy he recibido un ejemplar del libro All these moments , firmado por Rutger Hauer más una fotografía de él mismo con el libro, también firmada. Una forma de ayudar a la causa del SIDA. Si los autógrafos son o no auténticosRead More →

Yes. Today I’ve received two briefings with 5 DVD editions (numbered) from US. Also, a 4 DVD edition (also from US), and several other things: the hard-to-find Juan Campos book about Blade Runner, a 1st edition of Paul M Sammon‘s Future Noir, an excellent Lobby Card collection, a 1st (also) edition of Vangelis BSO in CD, and no more for now! Is strange to see briefing cases serialized. In Europe (in Spain), the is not serial number in the cases. Primeras ediciones del Final Cut desde USA Si. Hoy he recibido dos maletines con ediciones de 5 DVD (numeradas) desde USA. También una edición DVDRead More →

Only two pictures to show you part of the collection. The books. 3rd one is showing the same books as 2nd, but Ouvre by Drew Struzan added on top. This week all the books will be classified in the comming online database. Meanwhile, this is a general view of this category. Books! Los libros Sólo dos imágenes para mostrar parte de la colección. Los libros. La tercera foto muestra lo mismo que la segunda, pero con el libro Oeuvre de Drew Struzan encima del todo. Esta semana todos los libros serán clasificados e introducidos en la base de datos que pronto estará online. Mientras, aquíRead More →

Today morning I did it. “Future Noir” of Paul M. Sammon under my arm. To the print house. “Please, CUT IT” I asked. The book was cutted along the spine to remove it and leave all the pages free! WHY? Oh… hehe… I wanna scan all the pics inside! This heavy book is impossible to put in a scanners without break it, thus… I BREAK IT! Yes… all have a cost. I bought two new copies three days ago in Amazon… I’ve cutted the “old” one I have readed… 🙂 Esta mañana lo hice. “Future Noir” de Paul M. Sammon bajo mi brazo. A laRead More →