Some months ago I’ve ripped all the frames contained in the Final Cut 5 disc edition. Thousands of pictures, more than 1,080,000 snapshots… The Workprint edition, Director’s Cut, Final Cut, Dangerous Days, featurettes… all. Ok. Many people asked me why such a huge task, why to store more than 1,3Tb of data. Well, my answer is ever the same, I need to get a particular frame to illustrate my book, my own creation about Blade Runner props. Silly? Yeah! Sometimes a second snapshot is not enough I need to go to frame level to get the best picture possible. Ok. Time passed… I’m still workingRead More →

Yeah. I’d finally take pictures of (almost) all my Blade Runner posters. Not an easy task, as anybody knows. But, with a pair of wood sticks, the task was easier. Some are duplicated… well, they will be in my next project to come: an spare copies store! 🙂 Stay tuned! Día del Poster Finalmente tomé fotografíes de prácticamente todos mis pósters de Blade Runner. No era una tarea fácil, como puede imaginarse. Pero, con un par de listones de madera la cosa fué más sencilla. Algunos están duplicados…. pero bueno, formarán parte de mi próximo proyecto: ¡una tienda online para las copias sobrantes! ¡Estad atentos!Read More →

At last, Warner released (here in Spain, I don’t know in the rest of the world), a collection of best movies celebrating its 85 years. Blade Runner is between several titles. The Final Cut is available in DVD format for only 11,95€ in Spain (FNAC, etc). Includes a copy of another movie free of chargue, from the same list. White covers with little illustration identifies these edition. Edición del Montaje Final para el aniversario de la Warner Finalmente, y tras anunciarlo algunas semanas antes, Warner ha puesto a la venta su colección de peliculas favoritas coincidiendo con el 85 aniversario de los estudios. Entre otras,Read More →

Here you have some test pics I’ve done with Photoshop. Final Cut snapshots processed to “hide” the real thing in a beautiful cartoon effect. The only thing still visible as is is the prop illustrated. What do you think? (clic image to zoom) Proyecto Libro: Algunas ideas sobre las capturas de pantalla Aquí os presento algunas imágenes de pruebas hechas con Photoshop. Son capturas del Final Cut procesadas para “esconder” la película en sí con un bonito efecto de dibujos animados o comic. La única cosa que se ve realmente como es es el objeto ilustrado. ¿Qué opinas? (haz clic en la imagen para ampliarla)Read More →

The third identified prop made by Braun is the AB1 Alarm Clock. Still in production, it’s available in three colors: black, blue and silver. Can be seen in several scenes. Inside the Gaff’s Spinner, on the bottom left of Esper machine (one), and on the top right of Esper machine (two of them). Designed by Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs, are in production since 1970. Check this link Los despertadores BRAUN AB1 El tercer prop identificado y fabricado por Braun es el despertador AB1. Todavía en fabricación, está disponible en tres colores: negro, azul y plata. Puede verse en diversas escenas. En el Final CutRead More →

Today arrived my last of three desired asian editions of the Final Cut. The Korean Special Edition is here. Together with Chinese Special Edition and Japanese briefing case edition, I think this area is closed… Perhaps a Thai edition is out there… Now, I’m looking for a russian edition, if exists (I don’t know). More to come! Pictures of the mentioned editions are in my Mobile Blog (look at the left sidebar) ¡El círculo asiático está cerrado! (en mi humilde opinión) Hoy ha llegado la Edición Especial de Blade Runner en coreano. Junto a la edición china, también en Edicion Especial, y el maletín enRead More →

Well, only a picture! Don’t cry yet! Jovanka Vuckovic, known as the only BR fan with a arm with a huge tatoo about BR itself, featured here some weeks ago, and featured in the 4th disc of BR Final Cut (briefing edition, DVD checked, other to go), is finally in my collection! Yes! She sended me a very nice and large picture (perhaps the best of the tatoo set available in the Net) with a dedicated autograph and quote. The best quote of the film, IMHO. From Canada to Spain, no auctions, no taxes, no fees… nothing! only kindly and patience from her, and severalRead More →

Jobeykobra presents a fine fan work with Vangelis theme Wait for me and Final Cut footage: Vídeo Wait for me Jobeykobra presenta un excelente trabajo de aficionado con el tema de Vangelis, Wait for me, y el metraje del Final Cut: You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube videoRead More →

Yesss!!!! I cannot believe what my eyes read when I just arrived to page 399. My Blade Runner site is included in the seven sites cited by Paul M Sammon in the section devoted to Internet BR fan sites!!!! WOOOOWWWW! The description is not accurate, due the fact that previous MyBR are not a blog, (you still can visit them in the Archive section), but what the heck! This site is in the Blade Runner Bible for years to come!!!!!! HURRRAAAAHHH!!!!!!!! ¡¡¡Future Noir incluye My Blade Runner en la edición 2007!!!! ¡¡¡¡SIIII!!!!! No podía creerlo cuando mis ojos estaban leyendo la página 399. ¡¡¡My BladeRead More →

All the Final Cut US editions (3xbriefing DVD, 1xbriefing Blue ray, 1xbriefing HD DVD, 2x all other editions (2, 4 and 5 discs each). Two german editions in tin box. Two English tin box editions from Israel (Hebrew tags). One French coffret. Two Spanish briefing cases. No more to say! 🙂 Míra y cree. Todas las ediciones USA del Final Cut (3 maletines DVD, 1 maletín Blue ray, 1 maletín HD DVD, 2 copias de las demás ediciones (de 2, 4 y 5 discos). Dos ediciones alemanas en lata. Dos ediciones inglesas en lata (con etiquetas en hebreo). Una edición francesa en caja de cartón.Read More →

Yes. Today I’ve received two briefings with 5 DVD editions (numbered) from US. Also, a 4 DVD edition (also from US), and several other things: the hard-to-find Juan Campos book about Blade Runner, a 1st edition of Paul M Sammon‘s Future Noir, an excellent Lobby Card collection, a 1st (also) edition of Vangelis BSO in CD, and no more for now! Is strange to see briefing cases serialized. In Europe (in Spain), the is not serial number in the cases. Primeras ediciones del Final Cut desde USA Si. Hoy he recibido dos maletines con ediciones de 5 DVD (numeradas) desde USA. También una edición DVDRead More →