Yeah. Passed international Expo Zaragoza 2008 give me the chance for taking these pictures. These extraordinary buildings could be part ot the future… Yeah, maybe too much white… but… let time pass and watch! Paisajes de Blade Runner…. ¡en Zaragoza! ¡Si! La pasada Expo Zaragoza 2008 me dió la oportunidad de tomar estas fotografías (por cierto, las había olvidado). Estos extraordinarios edificios bien podrían ser parte de un futuro… Tal vez demasiado blancos… ¡pero dejemos que pase el tiempo! (click pictures to zoom in / haz clic en las imágenes para aumentarlas)Read More →

Bizarre futur visions from 20 Century. Nice to view how the future was seen some years ago… Follies of Science Sorprendentes visiones del futuro desde el siglo 20. Interesante ver cómo se imaginaban el futuro tan sólo hace unos pocos años…Read More →

A complete review of 2008 can be read here: ¡Boletín de Syd Mead como felicitación navideña! Puedes leer (en inglés) un completo repaso del año 2008 aquí: If unavailabe, you can read it here. Si no está disponible, puedes leerlo aquí.Read More →

Visual Futurist Syd Mead reflects upon the nature of creativity and how it drives the future in this featurette photographed with Panasonic’s first 1920x1080p HD camera, the AJ-HPX3000. The film is available on DVD via The Tribeca Film Institute’s “Reframe Collection.” 2019: Un futuro imaginado El futurista visual Syd Mead refleja la naturaleza de la creatividad y la forma de impulsar el futuro en este corto realizado con la primera camara HD 1920x1080p del mercado (una Panasonic) AJ-HPX3000. La película está disponible en DVD a través del Instituro de Cine The Tribeca como “Reframe Collection”. More →

This is a copy of a vintage ad shows merchandising with Blade Runner as a basis for the “future cars” campaign done by Wolkswagen. I’ve recently win the summer-cap and sometime ago one of the badges. All of these items are rare and hard to find. A nice addition for any BR collector, IMHO. Mucho tiempo atrás… el coche del futuro era Wolkswagen Esta copia de un antiguo anuncio muestra el merchandising con Blade Runner como base para la campaña de los “coches del futuro” realizada por Wolkswagen. Recientemente he conseguido ganar la visera veraniega, y hace algún tiempo atrás uno de los botones. TodosRead More →

Yesss!!!! I cannot believe what my eyes read when I just arrived to page 399. My Blade Runner site is included in the seven sites cited by Paul M Sammon in the section devoted to Internet BR fan sites!!!! WOOOOWWWW! The description is not accurate, due the fact that previous MyBR are not a blog, (you still can visit them in the Archive section), but what the heck! This site is in the Blade Runner Bible for years to come!!!!!! HURRRAAAAHHH!!!!!!!! ¡¡¡Future Noir incluye My Blade Runner en la edición 2007!!!! ¡¡¡¡SIIII!!!!! No podía creerlo cuando mis ojos estaban leyendo la página 399. ¡¡¡My BladeRead More →

Today, Friday, I received some items and found some others. In my mailbox I found one nice first edition of Blade Runner 2, Jeter sequel, in Italian language. Nice and near new. Then, a FedEx boy brings me a japanese box with the Future Noir updated with 25th anniversary data (not so much if I must believe what I’ve read somewhere). Only Amazon Japan is selling this edition for now (in English and hardcover). Wow. Two nice additions… but there is more to come.  A DVD Accion magazine (Spanish one) with Deckard in cover. Not so extensive inside. Three pages talking about DVD and HDRead More →

Yes. Today I’ve received two briefings with 5 DVD editions (numbered) from US. Also, a 4 DVD edition (also from US), and several other things: the hard-to-find Juan Campos book about Blade Runner, a 1st edition of Paul M Sammon‘s Future Noir, an excellent Lobby Card collection, a 1st (also) edition of Vangelis BSO in CD, and no more for now! Is strange to see briefing cases serialized. In Europe (in Spain), the is not serial number in the cases. Primeras ediciones del Final Cut desde USA Si. Hoy he recibido dos maletines con ediciones de 5 DVD (numeradas) desde USA. También una edición DVDRead More →

Cannot resist to say that. I have it! The Final Cut, Spanish Edition, is in my hands! This morning, 10:00 AM, I’ve bought it in FNAC store. This is my first pic (cellular one, not so bad). Then, a period of relax and enjoy will follow…. ¡Ya está aquí! No puedo resistir decirlo. ¡La tengo! The Final Cut, en edición español, ya está en mis manos. Esta mañana, a las 10:00 AM, la he comprado en FNAC Barcelona. Esta es mi primera foto (hecha con el móvil, no demasiado mala). Ahora viene un periodo de relax y disfrute…Read More →

Blade Runner 2 – The edge of human K. W. Jeter In 1982 Ridley Scott’s brilliant science fiction movie Blade RunnerTM was released, and a phenomenon was born. Set in the steel-and-microchip jungle of 21st-century Los Angeles, Scott’s masterpiece re-created our vision of the future, telling the story of Rick Deckard, a “blade runner” who tracks down and execute renegade androids. Now, for the millions of fans of the movie, K.W. Jeter’s stylish and sophisticated new novel will reenter that seedy, high-tech world for a new chapter of thrilling futuristic suspense. «Rick Deckard was last seen trying to flee Los Angeles with the beautiful replicantRead More →

I’m an eBay addict. Of course. Everyday my email is plenty of new items added for Blade Runner searches, or other items (in a future, will be blogged as BR is). Today was stunning for me. An eBay auction title as: The Final Cut Screening TICKETS appears in my screen. BLADE RUNNER THE FINAL CUT The OFFICIAL 25th ANNIVERSARY EVENT!! EXCEPTIONAL SCREENING with Cast and CREW! VIP SEATS FOR TWO GUESTS —————– THE JULES VERNE ADVENTURE FILM FESTIVAL AWARDS NIGHT Hosted by MALCOLM McDOWELL SUNDAY DECEMBER 9, 2007 Shrine Auditorium 665 W. Jefferson Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90007 Starting bid, this morning, $500. Wow! IRead More →

Browsing eBay news about BR items, sometimes you will find strange things or curious ones, like these: “If you’ve seen Blade Runner then you couldn’t miss those cool umbrellas that were carried around the rainy streets and you said to your self that would be cool to have well, here’s the next best thing! This is a full functioning Umbrella with a lighted center rod! The color is bright blue as is the color of the material as well. It is super bright and is a real eye catcher. The power source is three AAA batteries that fire up a cluster of superbright LED’s. NotRead More →

Today morning I did it. “Future Noir” of Paul M. Sammon under my arm. To the print house. “Please, CUT IT” I asked. The book was cutted along the spine to remove it and leave all the pages free! WHY? Oh… hehe… I wanna scan all the pics inside! This heavy book is impossible to put in a scanners without break it, thus… I BREAK IT! Yes… all have a cost. I bought two new copies three days ago in Amazon… I’ve cutted the “old” one I have readed… 🙂 Esta mañana lo hice. “Future Noir” de Paul M. Sammon bajo mi brazo. A laRead More →