Board game: 2-4 Players Each player is dealt six cards. Each card has a number from one to ten. A player who is dealt a hand totaling thirty-five or more is a Replicant; otherwise one is Human. The object is find a Replicant and destroy one to win the game. A player may take a look at any card in the player’s hand by landing on any of the opponent’s “VK Monitor Terminals.” Winning combat is a matter of rolling a higher number on the dice than the opponent. via Blade Runner board game CPC – Boardgames A-Z – Board Games & Card Games. AtRead More →

But… I’m so lucky that is not ONE item…. I found FOUR Braun Domino lighters, like the one that appears in the microscope scene (watching snake scale). The white (or ligth grey) was used in the “microscope” itself!!!! Very hard to find these pieces… The four set comes from Italy. Seems like these lighters was popular in this country. For your information, seller has 2 in stock yet… and if you like to know, search was: “BRAUN ACCENDINO DA TAVOLO”. Still available!!! HERE! Otro objeto Braun largamente esperado… Pero…. no he tenido la suerte de encontrar UNO…. he encontrado CUATRO encendedores Domino, iguales al queRead More →

Yeah. I have several new books to post here… but just yesterday arrived two nice packs with plenty of Dick books… Too much to be readed in one night, I hope! 😀 Solar Lottery Clans of the Alphane moon The Minority Report Mary and the Giant The Game-Players of Titan Our Friends from Prolix-8 Eye in the Sky Confessions of a crap artist A maze of death Time out of joint El mes de los libros… ¡O eso creo! Si. Tengo un buen montón de nuevos libros para publicar aquí…. pero justamente ayer llegaron dos bonitos paquetes llenos de libros de Dick…. ¡Demasiados para leerlosRead More →

Thanks to SKIN JOB 66 from Propsummit (thank you Fred!) I know the existence of this craftman. Its the maker of some clay pipes and other things, most of them produced as movie props. And… Blade Runner has more clay pipes through the movie as any other, I think. Play this game. Catch ALL the pipes that appears in the movie… if you can! The relationship between pipes, the duck weight over Deckard’s piano and opium is clear. What about drugs in Blade Runner??? Surprisingly, Deckard never smokes in the movie (no cigars, no cigarettes, no pipe…). Pipas de arcilla de Bedley Pipes & PotteryRead More →

I start this new category with this kind of titles “lost auction” and a Wish list in mind. If you find or have this item, or know where to buy it, drop me a line please! Subasta perdida: Juego de mesa Blade Runner Inicio esta nueva categoría con esta serie de titulares “Subasta perdida” y una Lista de deseos en mente. Si has encontrado o tienes este objeto, o sabes dónde comprarlo, ¡escríbeme por favor!Read More →

Several months ago I’ve bought the CRL Blade Runner game in Commodore 64 version. A rarity and oldie, no doubt. Today, I won the ZX Spectrum version (I don’t known that exists!) on eBay. A nice addition to the games category related to Blade Runner. Juegos antiguos Algunos meses atrás compré el juego CRL Blade Runner en versión Commodore 64. Un rareza y antiguo, sin duda. Hoy he ganado la versión ZX Spectrum (que ni siquiera conocía) en eBay. Una bonita adición a la categoría de juegos relacionados con Blade Runner.Read More →