Not Tarantino one. Real pulp fiction magazines and books are in my focus these days. Philip K Dick, like many many other authors of Sci-fi novels and short stories, published a bunch of works in those cheap publications. From 50’s to 60’s (for now), I’d located several of them, in great titles like Galaxy, If, Wonder Stories, Amazing Stories, and many more. These little books are old, very old, cheap paper with rusty and hard smell… Old paper, humidity, bacteries…. All of this will be removed, with luck, when I receive a little ozonizer!!! Will post the results… Meanwhile, I love to collect these littleRead More →

More images to put in the wall. Some drawings, ads, maps, etc. They are plenty of images from Blade Runner and related to hang in the wall. The most difficult task is choosing which ones must be rolled and not framed. Más imágenes para colgar en la pared. Algunos dibujos, anuncios, mapas, etc. Hay muchas imágenes de Blade Runner y afines para colgar en las paredes. Lo más difícil es elegir las que se quedarán enrolladas y sin enmarcar.Read More →

Yeah. I’d finally take pictures of (almost) all my Blade Runner posters. Not an easy task, as anybody knows. But, with a pair of wood sticks, the task was easier. Some are duplicated… well, they will be in my next project to come: an spare copies store! 🙂 Stay tuned! Día del Poster Finalmente tomé fotografíes de prácticamente todos mis pósters de Blade Runner. No era una tarea fácil, como puede imaginarse. Pero, con un par de listones de madera la cosa fué más sencilla. Algunos están duplicados…. pero bueno, formarán parte de mi próximo proyecto: ¡una tienda online para las copias sobrantes! ¡Estad atentos!Read More →

If you ever asked you where to find the magnification images showed in the microscope from the ADN row sequence, here you have the answer: Magnifications book, by David Scharf, a collection of beautiful images done with the scanning electron microscope. All images are in black and white, thus, the imagen in the movie has faux colour. Magnifications Si alguna vez te has preguntado dónde encontrar las imágenes ampliadas mostradas en el microscopio de la escena de la calle del ADN, aquí tienes la solución: el libro Magnifications, de David Scharf, una colección de bellas imágenes realizadas por el microscopio eletrónico. Todas las imágenes sonRead More →

The Android Hunter articulated figure has a bunch of possibilities if you change the head (and clothes, of course). I’ve receved trhree heads that fit in this body. One is the same as original Deckard. Second, alternate version to Deckard head (and IMHO more accurate in expression). Third one is Roy Batty, not so accurate but nice in overall. Cabezas de Android Hunter La figura articulada llamada Android Hunter tiene muchas posibilidades, si le cambias la cabeza (y la ropa, claro). He recibido tres cabezas que pueden usarse en dicho cuerpo. Una de ellas es igual a la original, como Deckard. La segunda, una versiónRead More →

Simply but effective. A solution to put your blaster treasure standing up and ready to show for the masses. Andy from Propsummit do it the trick. Some cuts here and there, some sanding… and the stand is ready to go. I put one for each blaster, and everyone works fine! Well, only my unmounted and unfinished resin blaster is hard to maintain at place. But, who cares? Soportes para blasters Simple pero fectivo. Una solución para exponer las blasters y mostrarlas al público. Andy, de Propsummit, ha hecho el trabajo. Algunos cortes y un poco de lija… y soporte listo para su uso. He puestoRead More →

Last week I’ve received a Lightoiler lamp like the one that appears in the movie. Color is terrible white, but who cares… I could paint it. In fact, in the movie only appears flashy in one sequence, when Deckard and Rachel are back from Leon’s retirement. Let me paste the auction description note. Is plenty of details: What we have to offer for your viewing pleasure here is this rare & stunning late 1940’s Art Deco Era space age adjustable desk lamp most likely designed by Kurt Versen for Lightolier! A very early & scarce design that reminds us of the aliens from War ofRead More →

A new blaster has arrived. Marked as M2019 C.S. Blaster model-gun kit, with a japanese cardbox, and MFG HWS legend, this plastic and metal modelgun is really heavy. Metal parts are everywhere, except grips and LED’s circuit case. Includes bullets able to hold fluminant to be fired! A very nice piece IMHO. M2019 C.S. BLASTER (Hartford) Ha llegado una nueva blaster. Marcada como kit M2019 C.S., en un estuche de cartón escrito en japonés, y con la leyenda MFG HWS, este modelo de pistola de plástico y metal es realmente pesado. Es prácticamente metálica toda ella, excepto las culatas y el cajetín del circuito deRead More →

At last, Warner released (here in Spain, I don’t know in the rest of the world), a collection of best movies celebrating its 85 years. Blade Runner is between several titles. The Final Cut is available in DVD format for only 11,95€ in Spain (FNAC, etc). Includes a copy of another movie free of chargue, from the same list. White covers with little illustration identifies these edition. Edición del Montaje Final para el aniversario de la Warner Finalmente, y tras anunciarlo algunas semanas antes, Warner ha puesto a la venta su colección de peliculas favoritas coincidiendo con el 85 aniversario de los estudios. Entre otras,Read More →

WTF is polystone? I’m not sure, but vendor sais this replica was made in this material. Or resin… I cannot be sure, but it seems more like concrete than resin. A 8″x8″x1″ tile, bright and well formed. Some bubble-holes around, but it’s a very nice piece overall. Replica de piedra artificial de una baldosa de la Ennis House No estoy seguro de si es piedra artificial, pero no parece ser otra cosa. La resina tiene otro tacto. En cualquier caso parece cemento blanco. Baldosa de 20×20, luminosa y bien formada. Tiene algunos agujeritos de burbujitas, pero en general es una buena pieza.Read More →

Cheap blaster for a while. This is a Silver Stomper blaster. Some details remember the Hero Blaster… but others are simply a riot! It has lights and sounds, like a kid toy! Funny! Made in China. What do you want for $25,00? Steampunk Silver Stomper Una blaster barata por una vez. Esta es la Silver Stomper blaster. Algunos detalles pueden recordar la Blaster de Deckard, pero otros son realmente graciosos. Tiene luces y efectos de sonido, ¡como un juguete de crío! ¡Divertido! Fabricada en China. ¿Qué esperabas por unos $25,00?Read More →

One man links “The Deer Hunter”, “Blade Runner”, “The Italian Job”, “Don’t Look Now”, “The Wicker Man” and “The Man Who Fell To Earth”. Producer Michael Deeley. This is a no-holds-barred look at the true stories behind some of the greatest cult movies ever made. Blade Runners, Deer Hunters & Blowing the Bloody Doors Off Un hombre enlaza “The Deer Hunter”, “Blade Runner”, “The Italian Job”, “Don’t Look Now”, “The Wicker Man” and “The Man Who Fell To Earth”. Se trata del productor Michael Deeley. En este libro se encuentra historias reales detrás de algunas de las más grandes películas de culto jamás hechas.Read More →

Some days ago I post about this book and eBay abuses (the book is still at sale at eBay… hehe). Well, here you have some info about it: Translated by Live Translator from original German text Short description the story of a brand myth Brown is a trade myth and stands for a key history of design. The comprehensive product history of this most famous designfirma shows how Brown many modern devices their form and more designklassiker has produced as many other manufacturers. How a stereo fixed asset, a flash device or a hair dryer looks, originated in brauns legendary design where still for simplicity,Read More →

From Australia, offworld66 send me a real nice work about Gaff helmet. A pair of WWII items, several custom made pieces, and a lot of patience and good job results in a very realistic Gaff helmet, as you can see here. Thank you Tim! You’ve done a prop master job, sir! Casco de Gaff Desde Australia, offworld66 me envía un excelente trabajo en forma de casco de Gaff. Un par de objetos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, algunas piezas hechas expresamente y un montón de paciencia y de buen hacer, dan como resultado un casco de Gaff muy realista, tal como puede verse aquí. ¡GraciasRead More →