spinner44.com has done a great job making this replica. Good wallet, and nice ID cards inside, plus money! Excellent quality in each of these items. And a plenty of room to put in some more… like the credit card made by Kevin, or VK card… La cartera de Deckard Un buen trabajo el de spinner44.com en esta réplica. Una cartera de buena calidad, con varias tarjetas de identificación en su interior, ¡y llena de billetes! Todos los elementos presentan una alta calidad en sus cabados. Y además, mucho espacio para añadir otros… tal como la tarjeta de crédito hecha por Kevin, o la tarjeta deRead More →

Here you have some pictures of my new showcase, devoted to the Blade Runner weapons for now… It’s a BERTBY Ikea one. Nine shelves to put in very nice items. In the pictures you may see a Hartford Blaster, Offworld Blaster, a one block resin blaster and then, some COP 357 replicas: two Marushin COP 357, black and silver, and one block resin version. I planned to put in the showcase the two PKD models from Rick Ross, but unfortunately, they are still unmounted and unpainted… Una nueva vitrina Aquí os presento una serie de fotografías de mi nueva vitrina, dedicada a las armas deRead More →

Several publications about Braun design and Dieter Rams, from 1997 to 2003. Braun items are a must in the Blade Runner sets, not only Deckard’s apartment, Braun objects appears for everywhere: inside the spinners, in the ADN microscope, in the Leon room, and so on. El diseño industrial de Braun Varias publicaciones sobre el diseño de Braun y Dieter Rams, desde 1997 a 2003. Los objetos Braun son una constante en los escenarios de Blade Runner, no sólo en el apartamento de Deckard. Los objetos aparecen en todas partes: dentro del spinner, en el microscopio de ADN, en la habitación de Leon, etc.Read More →

From Australia, offworld66 send me a real nice work about Gaff helmet. A pair of WWII items, several custom made pieces, and a lot of patience and good job results in a very realistic Gaff helmet, as you can see here. Thank you Tim! You’ve done a prop master job, sir! Casco de Gaff Desde Australia, offworld66 me envía un excelente trabajo en forma de casco de Gaff. Un par de objetos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, algunas piezas hechas expresamente y un montón de paciencia y de buen hacer, dan como resultado un casco de Gaff muy realista, tal como puede verse aquí. ¡GraciasRead More →

I have no words to explain what I feel today. Paul Smith’s Whiskey Bottle has arrived!!! Here you have some pictures. No more for now…. ¡La botella de whiskey ha llegado! No tengo palabras para expresar lo que siento hoy. ¡¡¡La botella de whiskey de Paul Smith ha llegado!!! Aquí tienes algunas imágenes. Por ahora nada más…Read More →

One more piece to get the most of Deck’s kitchen. The Braun 4045 Cofee Grinder! Not white, orange. Not complete (top cover was replaced with a custom made one (in wood!). But, that’s a great find! “Only” two more electrical devices in this place… The Coffe maker, and the Sandwich maker I guess??? The 2nd unknown item is not clear for me…. in the right side… La cocina de Deckard Una pieza más para obtener todos los elementos de la cocina de Deckard. El molinillo de café Braun 4045. No es blanco, es naranja. Y no está completo (la tapa superior ha sido sustituída porRead More →

This is a copy of a vintage ad shows merchandising with Blade Runner as a basis for the “future cars” campaign done by Wolkswagen. I’ve recently win the summer-cap and sometime ago one of the badges. All of these items are rare and hard to find. A nice addition for any BR collector, IMHO. Mucho tiempo atrás… el coche del futuro era Wolkswagen Esta copia de un antiguo anuncio muestra el merchandising con Blade Runner como base para la campaña de los “coches del futuro” realizada por Wolkswagen. Recientemente he conseguido ganar la visera veraniega, y hace algún tiempo atrás uno de los botones. TodosRead More →

Today, Friday, I received some items and found some others. In my mailbox I found one nice first edition of Blade Runner 2, Jeter sequel, in Italian language. Nice and near new. Then, a FedEx boy brings me a japanese box with the Future Noir updated with 25th anniversary data (not so much if I must believe what I’ve read somewhere). Only Amazon Japan is selling this edition for now (in English and hardcover). Wow. Two nice additions… but there is more to come.  A DVD Accion magazine (Spanish one) with Deckard in cover. Not so extensive inside. Three pages talking about DVD and HDRead More →

Two new items arrived! Two nice bundles formed by one metal box of The Final Cut 5 DVD edition plus The 25th Anniversary BSO in digipack format. These editions are English edited (with the multinational soundtracks and subtitles). Notice the hebrew label over them! Desde Israel con amor ¡Dos nuevos objetos han llegado! Dos bonitos lotes formados por una edición en caja de metal de The Final Cut de 5 DVD más la Banda Sonora Original del 25 Aniversario en formato digipack. Estas ediciones están en inglés (y en el resto de idiomas). ¡Observa la etiqueta en hebreo en ambas cajas!Read More →

Yes, today is a great day! Seven new items arrived! Mail begins to work these days… Here is a brief detail of all: 1. Gaff unicorn handmade and instructions to do it. 2. Final Cut review in Film Review magazine, English. 3. 2019 Blaster replica. Not Coyle one, but a nice piece. Plastic and metal parts. 4. The Final Cut, French edition, in digipack with cards. 5. The Final Cut, German edition, in metal box, unopened. 6. Real spinner pictures. The author sells them thru ebay from time to time. 7. DADoES. Another edition. Cover collector, you know? XD Los Siete Pecados de hoy Sí,Read More →

Last items received just today and yesterday: 1. A rare croatian magazine. Daryl Hannah as Pris in front cover. 2. A (also) rare croatian poster of Blade Runner. 3. Blade Runner Director’s Cut Remastered edition Spanish. 4. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, abridged version. 2 copies. 5. Oil painting. Batty with dove. Original. 6. DVD Vision. French edition. Blade Runner Final Cut review. 7. Blade Runner  Screenplay (possibly from Special Edition in box). En las últimas semanas del año… Ultimos items recibidos entre ayer y hoy: 1. Una revista croata con Daryl Hannah en portada como Pris. 2. Un poster croata de Blade Runner.Read More →

Do you wanna watch all my items? Right. Enter into the Gallery (look at sidebar menu options) and enter in album The Collection. You will find all my items pictured here. Las imágenes de la colección ¿Quieres ver todos mis items? De acuerdo. Entra en la Galeria (observa las opciones del menú lateral) e introdúcete en la colección de la carpeta The Collection. Encontrarás todas mis imágenes ahí.Read More →

By demand, here is an snapshot of my Treasure Chest, or Blader Runner collection storage (for now). The picture is far to be perfect or complet, but gives you an idea of what I have in my hands. In the next weeks (I hope), I will order and classify all the items and take snapshots, write file cards and so to show you in detail. Yes, info in picture is only in Spanish, but this is not a key point. 🙂 El Rincón de los Tesoros Por demanda popular, mejor dicho, por petición expresa, aquí tienes una captura de mi Cofre del Tesoro, o elRead More →

I’m an eBay addict. Of course. Everyday my email is plenty of new items added for Blade Runner searches, or other items (in a future, will be blogged as BR is). Today was stunning for me. An eBay auction title as: The Final Cut Screening TICKETS appears in my screen. BLADE RUNNER THE FINAL CUT The OFFICIAL 25th ANNIVERSARY EVENT!! EXCEPTIONAL SCREENING with Cast and CREW! VIP SEATS FOR TWO GUESTS —————– THE JULES VERNE ADVENTURE FILM FESTIVAL AWARDS NIGHT Hosted by MALCOLM McDOWELL SUNDAY DECEMBER 9, 2007 Shrine Auditorium 665 W. Jefferson Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90007 Starting bid, this morning, $500. Wow! IRead More →

Browsing eBay news about BR items, sometimes you will find strange things or curious ones, like these: “If you’ve seen Blade Runner then you couldn’t miss those cool umbrellas that were carried around the rainy streets and you said to your self that would be cool to have well, here’s the next best thing! This is a full functioning Umbrella with a lighted center rod! The color is bright blue as is the color of the material as well. It is super bright and is a real eye catcher. The power source is three AAA batteries that fire up a cluster of superbright LED’s. NotRead More →