More images to put in the wall. Some drawings, ads, maps, etc. They are plenty of images from Blade Runner and related to hang in the wall. The most difficult task is choosing which ones must be rolled and not framed. Más imágenes para colgar en la pared. Algunos dibujos, anuncios, mapas, etc. Hay muchas imágenes de Blade Runner y afines para colgar en las paredes. Lo más difícil es elegir las que se quedarán enrolladas y sin enmarcar.Read More →

Boom! Studios may just have hit the sci-fi comic motherlode; they’re adapting Philip K. Dick‘s Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? into a groundbreaking new series mixing comic art with the original text, and more. The series, appropriately titled Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? will include the full text of Dick’s 1968 novel – famously adapted into the movie Blade Runner – alongside brand new sequential illustrations for something more than just illustrated prose. Laura Leslie and Isa Dick Hackett, Dick’s daughters, are excited about the possibilities offered by the 24-part series: We are thrilled that Do Androids Dream Of ElectricRead More →

A new blaster has arrived. Marked as M2019 C.S. Blaster model-gun kit, with a japanese cardbox, and MFG HWS legend, this plastic and metal modelgun is really heavy. Metal parts are everywhere, except grips and LED’s circuit case. Includes bullets able to hold fluminant to be fired! A very nice piece IMHO. M2019 C.S. BLASTER (Hartford) Ha llegado una nueva blaster. Marcada como kit M2019 C.S., en un estuche de cartón escrito en japonés, y con la leyenda MFG HWS, este modelo de pistola de plástico y metal es realmente pesado. Es prácticamente metálica toda ella, excepto las culatas y el cajetín del circuito deRead More →

A complete review of 2008 can be read here: ¡Boletín de Syd Mead como felicitación navideña! Puedes leer (en inglés) un completo repaso del año 2008 aquí: If unavailabe, you can read it here. Si no está disponible, puedes leerlo aquí.Read More →

The Capt. Bryant watch is a double watch. None has been lucky in the research process. Thus, a popular opinion is that this particular two LED watch was a montage. From two watches, removing half of them, mounting together, the results is a “Bryant watch”. Well, another question, identify the original watch. Seems like Hamilton LED watches was used by Blade Runner prop makers. Finding one of these are very difficult, and they are not cheap!!! This is my own Hamilton LED watch. Found in US, from a private collector. Is not exact, but very accurate to the Bryant original parts. These are my bestRead More →

At last, I won this little jewel. A 10 cm model spinner, made in resin (one block with some little parts, like cockpits, and so on), unassembled, brand new (!). Perfect. From Japan. The package method was impressive safe. Layers of plastic bubbles, envelopes, a “tupperware”!!!!!… all to protect it and be delivered as well as you can see. Modelo Spinner de Policia de Invisible Studio Finalmente he ganado esta pequeña joya. Un model de spinner de unos 10 cm, hecho en resina (de un solo bloque, con algunas piezas pequeñas, como el parabrisas, etc), sin montar, totalmente nuevo (!). Perfecto. Desde Japón. El paqueteRead More →

Some aged, published in 2003, this book has a detailed filmography until Black Hawk Down. ISBN number 0753507315, you still can find it at Ridley Scott, por James Clarke Aunque un poquito antiguo, publicado en 2003, este libro contiene la filmografía detallada hasta Black Hawk Down. ISBN número 0753507315. Todavía puedes encontrarlo en Amazon.comRead More →

Bad attitude. In Spain, and also the rest of the world. It repeats anywhere. 1st day Final Cut package was released for sale, it went out in hours… and speculators appeared in auctions sites like eBay. They double and tripled the price of this piece of history, thinking about collectors like flatlined people! Hey folks, we are collectors, devoted fans, but not idiots! These sales will went down in days or weeks… and then? Bad attitude… I think this edition will be re-released soon. In the other hand, it seems that the fact of be a Blade Runner fan is not a one-of-a-kind hobby. ¡WeRead More →

Blade Runner 2 – The edge of human K. W. Jeter In 1982 Ridley Scott’s brilliant science fiction movie Blade RunnerTM was released, and a phenomenon was born. Set in the steel-and-microchip jungle of 21st-century Los Angeles, Scott’s masterpiece re-created our vision of the future, telling the story of Rick Deckard, a “blade runner” who tracks down and execute renegade androids. Now, for the millions of fans of the movie, K.W. Jeter’s stylish and sophisticated new novel will reenter that seedy, high-tech world for a new chapter of thrilling futuristic suspense. «Rick Deckard was last seen trying to flee Los Angeles with the beautiful replicantRead More →

Philip K. Dick wrote this letter after seeing his first glimpse of Blade Runner in a television segment. To the best of the family’s knowledge, this letter has never been previously released to the public. Philip K. Dick escribió esta carta después de su primera ojeada a Blade Runner en la televisión. Que se sepa, esta carta nunca fue publicada anteriormente. Read More →

Browsing eBay news about BR items, sometimes you will find strange things or curious ones, like these: “If you’ve seen Blade Runner then you couldn’t miss those cool umbrellas that were carried around the rainy streets and you said to your self that would be cool to have well, here’s the next best thing! This is a full functioning Umbrella with a lighted center rod! The color is bright blue as is the color of the material as well. It is super bright and is a real eye catcher. The power source is three AAA batteries that fire up a cluster of superbright LED’s. NotRead More →