This bootleg contains an interesting track list. Los Angeles – November 2019 0’30 Third Sector – China Town 4’43 Fourth Sector – downTown3’58 Nineteenth Sector – Police Headquarters 2’43 Twenty-Fifth Sector – Tyrell Corporation 6’27 Seventh Sector – Apartment 9732 12’12 Ninth Sector – Urban Blues 12’02 Fifth Sector – Animoid Row 7’15 Second Sector – DNA Row 4’59 Seventh Sector – Apartment 9732 (reprise) 7’06 Eighth Sector – Nocturnal Rain 3’45 Tenth Sector – The Bradbury Building 13’03 Un interesante bootleg con los sonidos ambientales de la película. Los Angeles – November 2019 0’30 Third Sector – China Town 4’43 Fourth Sector – downTown3’58Read More →

Mini Argyle chair replica and postcard. This nite creation by Rennie Mackintosh appears clearly in the movie. The original one replicas 1:1 scale are available, but pricey! So… this is an alternate way to have it. One for a doll house, and one to put in a file archive or to send a friend. Cheap ones! Miniatura de la silla Argyle y tarjeta postal. Esta bonita creación de Rennie Mackintosh aparece claramente en la película. Las réplicas de la silla original a tamaño real están disponibles, pero realmente caras. Así que… esta es una alternativa para tenerla. Una para la casita de muñecas, y otraRead More →

This book is a study of the film adaptation of PKD’s fiction, like Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report and A Scanner Darkly among other movies like Next and Paycheck. by Jeremy Mark Robinson ISBN 13-978 186 171 2578 Blade Runner and the Cinema of Philip K Dick Este libro es un estudo de las adaptaciones cinematográficas de la ficción de PKD, como Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report y A Scanner Darkly entre otras películas como Next y Paycheck. ISBN 13-978 186 171 2578 por Jeremy Mark RobinsonRead More →

If you ever asked you where to find the magnification images showed in the microscope from the ADN row sequence, here you have the answer: Magnifications book, by David Scharf, a collection of beautiful images done with the scanning electron microscope. All images are in black and white, thus, the imagen in the movie has faux colour. Magnifications Si alguna vez te has preguntado dónde encontrar las imágenes ampliadas mostradas en el microscopio de la escena de la calle del ADN, aquí tienes la solución: el libro Magnifications, de David Scharf, una colección de bellas imágenes realizadas por el microscopio eletrónico. Todas las imágenes sonRead More →

Boom! Studios may just have hit the sci-fi comic motherlode; they’re adapting Philip K. Dick‘s Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? into a groundbreaking new series mixing comic art with the original text, and more. The series, appropriately titled Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? will include the full text of Dick’s 1968 novel – famously adapted into the movie Blade Runner – alongside brand new sequential illustrations for something more than just illustrated prose. Laura Leslie and Isa Dick Hackett, Dick’s daughters, are excited about the possibilities offered by the 24-part series: We are thrilled that Do Androids Dream Of ElectricRead More →

This is a complete set of origami figures, like the ones Gaff made in the movie, made by Shinsuke Fujimura, Japan. Includes an unicorn, a chicken and sticky man. The last one is not screen accurated, made with a plain match (the real one is wood match, I guess). Anyway, the chicken is very good. Juego completo de papiroflexia Completo juego de figuras origami, como las que Gaff hace en la película, realizadas por Shinsuke Fujimura, Japón. Incluye un unicornio, una gallina y un hombre empalmado. Este último no es exacto al que sale en pantalla, hecho con un fósforo plano (el real es deRead More →

Alternate endings for several cult movies like Blade Runner and others. Talking about Blade Runner one, not more than 10 pages from the very end of the movie to… well, you must read it! Not what I expected, but… an interesting idea. Nice hardcover edition, good paper and type. Otro Final Finales alternativos para varias películas de culto como Blade Runner y otras más. Hablando de Blade Runner, no más de 10 páginas que empiezan desde el mismo final de la película y llegan a… bien… ¡deberás leerlo tú mismo! No es lo que yo esperaba, pero… es una idea interesante. Edición de lujo, conRead More →

Maybe the best Blade Runner alike movie I’ve seen ever. Now, in Italian version (previous one I owe is in Korean… some difficult to understand for me! 😀 ). Natural City Quizás la mejor película al estilo de Blade Runner que haya visto nunca. Ahora, en italiano (la versión anterior la ví en Coreano… un poco difícil para mí, ¡la verdad sea dicha! 😀 ).Read More →

Last week I’ve received a Lightoiler lamp like the one that appears in the movie. Color is terrible white, but who cares… I could paint it. In fact, in the movie only appears flashy in one sequence, when Deckard and Rachel are back from Leon’s retirement. Let me paste the auction description note. Is plenty of details: What we have to offer for your viewing pleasure here is this rare & stunning late 1940’s Art Deco Era space age adjustable desk lamp most likely designed by Kurt Versen for Lightolier! A very early & scarce design that reminds us of the aliens from War ofRead More →

Today, a new lamp arrived to be added. A pink Saturn Fair replica, based in the original moulds (as said by vendor). These lamps are beautiful and very heavy (luckily, they arrived well in both cases). The first one was a blue globe one. You can check it in the movie when piano appears. First when Deckard checks the Rachael’s photo, then when she plays the piano. The original lamp was made to conmemorate the World Fair in 1923. Un nueva lámpara para añadir Hoy ha llegado una nueva lámpara para añadir a la colección. Una réplica de la Saturn Fair en color rosa, basadaRead More →

From Masakazu Takeda, just today I’ve received this unique Vid-Phon report “book”. In fact, a 20 pages booklet with complete information about Vid-Phon booth prop, with CD included. It depicts the real prop (one of them) used in the movie. The author has been so lucky to meet with the owner and take all kind of pictures from it. A nice report to (try to) do an accurate replica of this awesome prop! Thank you Masakazu! This report worths its value! In Japanese and English. Informe Vid-Phon Directo de Masazku Takeda, justo hoy acabo de recibir este único informe en forma de libro sobre elRead More →

Visual Futurist Syd Mead reflects upon the nature of creativity and how it drives the future in this featurette photographed with Panasonic’s first 1920x1080p HD camera, the AJ-HPX3000. The film is available on DVD via The Tribeca Film Institute’s “Reframe Collection.” 2019: Un futuro imaginado El futurista visual Syd Mead refleja la naturaleza de la creatividad y la forma de impulsar el futuro en este corto realizado con la primera camara HD 1920x1080p del mercado (una Panasonic) AJ-HPX3000. La película está disponible en DVD a través del Instituro de Cine The Tribeca como “Reframe Collection”. More →

From Magnoli Clothiers, one of the Decakrd’s shirts. Perhaps not 100% accurate, but a good piece. I don’t know if I will wear it ever. I need some more clothes before… 😀 Camisa de Deckard de Magnoli De Magnoli Clothiers, una de las camisas de Deckard. Quizás no es 100% perfecta, pero es una buena pieza. No creo que la vista por ahora. Necesito algo más de ropa antes… 😀Read More →

One man links “The Deer Hunter”, “Blade Runner”, “The Italian Job”, “Don’t Look Now”, “The Wicker Man” and “The Man Who Fell To Earth”. Producer Michael Deeley. This is a no-holds-barred look at the true stories behind some of the greatest cult movies ever made. Blade Runners, Deer Hunters & Blowing the Bloody Doors Off Un hombre enlaza “The Deer Hunter”, “Blade Runner”, “The Italian Job”, “Don’t Look Now”, “The Wicker Man” and “The Man Who Fell To Earth”. Se trata del productor Michael Deeley. En este libro se encuentra historias reales detrás de algunas de las más grandes películas de culto jamás hechas.Read More →

At last, the “Blade Runners, Deer Hunters, and Blowing the Bloody Doors Off” Michael Deeley’s book is available at (other sites as well, of course). This hardcover edition show the relation between Deeley and cult film movies. A must for BR fans IMHO. El libro de Michael Deeley ya está disponible en Amazon Finalmente, el libro “Blade Runners, Deer Hunters, and Blowing the Bloody Doors Off” de Michael Deeley está disponible en (y en otros sitios, por supuesto). Esta edición en tapa dura muestra la relación entre Deeley y las películas de culto. Indispensable para los aficionados a Blade Runner, según mi opinión.Read More →