Today I’ve received three Blurb books. None involved with Blade Runner. Two of them have Japan as subject. The other one, beautiful landscapes. Well, each one has different approachs in composition, cover, bindings, number of pages and so on. And all of them looks great in overall. Only type could be better in one of the books. Perhaps author faults, I don’t know. But, paper quality and picture quality is great! I think this will be the way… Blurb editions, one by one, with a reasonable cost, easy distribution to US/Canada market and not so expensive to Europe. Time of printing from order is aboutRead More →

The Capt. Bryant watch is a double watch. None has been lucky in the research process. Thus, a popular opinion is that this particular two LED watch was a montage. From two watches, removing half of them, mounting together, the results is a “Bryant watch”. Well, another question, identify the original watch. Seems like Hamilton LED watches was used by Blade Runner prop makers. Finding one of these are very difficult, and they are not cheap!!! This is my own Hamilton LED watch. Found in US, from a private collector. Is not exact, but very accurate to the Bryant original parts. These are my bestRead More →

Well, this is a Flikr gallery of the new location (or at least, it seems) of the survivor spinner. The only one that still “fly”! 🙂 An interesting set of hi-res pictures to all of us. Great details. Some pics are blurry, but… who cares? 🙂 ¡El spinner todavía vuela! Bien, se trata de una galería Flikr del nuevo lugar donde se encuentra (o eso parece) el spinner superviviente. ¡El único que todavía “vuela”! 🙂 Un interesante conjunto de imágenes de alta resolución para todos nosotros. Buenos detalles. Algunas imágenes están borrorsas, pero… ¿a quién le importa? 🙂 (click in the image / haz clicRead More →

Here you have some test pics I’ve done with Photoshop. Final Cut snapshots processed to “hide” the real thing in a beautiful cartoon effect. The only thing still visible as is is the prop illustrated. What do you think? (clic image to zoom) Proyecto Libro: Algunas ideas sobre las capturas de pantalla Aquí os presento algunas imágenes de pruebas hechas con Photoshop. Son capturas del Final Cut procesadas para “esconder” la película en sí con un bonito efecto de dibujos animados o comic. La única cosa que se ve realmente como es es el objeto ilustrado. ¿Qué opinas? (haz clic en la imagen para ampliarla)Read More →

This will be the starting point for Subject list. This list include forum or site of origin, author / owner / maker, prop or theme, and several notes about movie snapshots to identify it, pictures available and so on. The list will be maintained and published regularly in this pages, forum pages and external forums as well. Engage! Temas para el libro de los props Esta es la lista inicial de Temas a incluir en el Libro de los Props. La lista esta en inglés y seguirá así, ya que el 99% de los temas que se incluyen, así como quienes proveen información, etc. sonRead More →

Three pics of the very real thing almost finished! Only the labels and so on to got the finished touch! GREAT WORK PAUL! El proyecto de la botella de wishky de Paul Smith actualizado ¡Tres imágenes del aspecto real de la botella prácticamente acabada! ¡Sólo faltan las etiquetas y demás para tener el aspecto final! ¡GRAN TRABAJO PAUL!Read More →

Here you have 4 superbs pics from Leon photos collection, made by Kevin Bulmer, He gives us permissión to include them here at no profit. Print them and watch the nice work Kevin has done! Las fotos de Leon Aquí tienes 4 estupendas fotos de la colección de Leon, hechas por Kevin Bulmer, Nos ha dado su permiso para incluirlas aquí sin provecho alguno. ¡Imprímelas y observa el magnífico trabajo que ha hecho Kevin!Read More →

Jovanka has given permission to include her pics here in My Blade Runner. Among other interests, Jovanka loves Blade Runner, and her left arm talks better than a thousand words… Visit the gallery album here. Also, her MySpace site is in the right sidebar links. Jovanka Vuckovic en MyBR Jovanka nos ha dado su permiso para incluir sus fotos aquí en My Blade Runner. Entre otros intereses, Jovanka ama Blade Runner, y su brazo izquierdo habla mejor que mil palabras… Visita su album en la galería aquí. Además, puedes encontrar el enlace a su sitio MySpace en la barra lateral derecha.Read More →

Today morning I did it. “Future Noir” of Paul M. Sammon under my arm. To the print house. “Please, CUT IT” I asked. The book was cutted along the spine to remove it and leave all the pages free! WHY? Oh… hehe… I wanna scan all the pics inside! This heavy book is impossible to put in a scanners without break it, thus… I BREAK IT! Yes… all have a cost. I bought two new copies three days ago in Amazon… I’ve cutted the “old” one I have readed… 🙂 Esta mañana lo hice. “Future Noir” de Paul M. Sammon bajo mi brazo. A laRead More →