Two-pages Japanese ad. Blade Runner. Text is not readable for me, I know, but I love the look of it with Blade Runner imaginery. It uses what now are classics candid pictures from the movie. Anuncio de Blade Runner de dos páginas en japonés. Yo no puedo leer el texto, ya lo se, pero me gusta el aspecto del mismo con la imaginería de Blade Runner. Incluye varias imágenes ya clásicas del film.Read More →

A nice stills collection. B/N snapshots with plenty of details not easy to see in the screen. Take a glance to verify this point. All of the pictures are 10×8 size in photographic print. Una buena colección de fotografías. Capturas en blanco y negro con mucho detalle, no fácil de ver en pantalla. Dale un vistazo para verificarlo. Todas las imágenes tienen un tamaño de 10×8″ en papel fotográfico.Read More →

Almost there… Two sheets of original blueprints copied. Nice scale to work and read measures. The goal is to build an scale spinner from these blueprints if possible. Let’s see if, together with reference pictures and so on, we are able to do it! Casi todos… Dos hojas de los planos originales fotocopiadas. Una buena escala para trabajar y leer medidas. El objetivo es construir un modelo del spinner a escala a partir de estos planos si es posible. Veremos… junto con las fotografías de referencia y otros materiales, ¡si somos capaces de hacerlo!Read More →

More images to put in the wall. Some drawings, ads, maps, etc. They are plenty of images from Blade Runner and related to hang in the wall. The most difficult task is choosing which ones must be rolled and not framed. Más imágenes para colgar en la pared. Algunos dibujos, anuncios, mapas, etc. Hay muchas imágenes de Blade Runner y afines para colgar en las paredes. Lo más difícil es elegir las que se quedarán enrolladas y sin enmarcar.Read More →

Yeah. I’d finally take pictures of (almost) all my Blade Runner posters. Not an easy task, as anybody knows. But, with a pair of wood sticks, the task was easier. Some are duplicated… well, they will be in my next project to come: an spare copies store! 🙂 Stay tuned! Día del Poster Finalmente tomé fotografíes de prácticamente todos mis pósters de Blade Runner. No era una tarea fácil, como puede imaginarse. Pero, con un par de listones de madera la cosa fué más sencilla. Algunos están duplicados…. pero bueno, formarán parte de mi próximo proyecto: ¡una tienda online para las copias sobrantes! ¡Estad atentos!Read More →

Here you have some pictures of my new showcase, devoted to the Blade Runner weapons for now… It’s a BERTBY Ikea one. Nine shelves to put in very nice items. In the pictures you may see a Hartford Blaster, Offworld Blaster, a one block resin blaster and then, some COP 357 replicas: two Marushin COP 357, black and silver, and one block resin version. I planned to put in the showcase the two PKD models from Rick Ross, but unfortunately, they are still unmounted and unpainted… Una nueva vitrina Aquí os presento una serie de fotografías de mi nueva vitrina, dedicada a las armas deRead More →

This is one of the books that appears in the Deckard’s apartment. Not difficult to locate. You may try at ebay, or, better,, a service that locates books around the world in any status. The book depicts France like a travel guide, plenty of pictures in black and white. In French, of course. Book dates from 1950’s. Promenades en France Uno de los libros que aparece en el apartamento de Deckard. No es difícil de localizar. Puedes intentarlo en ebay, o mejor aún, en, un servicio que localiza libros en cualquier parte del mundo y en cualquier estado. El libro muestra Francia comoRead More →

Yeah. Passed international Expo Zaragoza 2008 give me the chance for taking these pictures. These extraordinary buildings could be part ot the future… Yeah, maybe too much white… but… let time pass and watch! Paisajes de Blade Runner…. ¡en Zaragoza! ¡Si! La pasada Expo Zaragoza 2008 me dió la oportunidad de tomar estas fotografías (por cierto, las había olvidado). Estos extraordinarios edificios bien podrían ser parte de un futuro… Tal vez demasiado blancos… ¡pero dejemos que pase el tiempo! (click pictures to zoom in / haz clic en las imágenes para aumentarlas)Read More →

Last week I’ve received a Lightoiler lamp like the one that appears in the movie. Color is terrible white, but who cares… I could paint it. In fact, in the movie only appears flashy in one sequence, when Deckard and Rachel are back from Leon’s retirement. Let me paste the auction description note. Is plenty of details: What we have to offer for your viewing pleasure here is this rare & stunning late 1940’s Art Deco Era space age adjustable desk lamp most likely designed by Kurt Versen for Lightolier! A very early & scarce design that reminds us of the aliens from War ofRead More →

Board game: 2-4 Players Each player is dealt six cards. Each card has a number from one to ten. A player who is dealt a hand totaling thirty-five or more is a Replicant; otherwise one is Human. The object is find a Replicant and destroy one to win the game. A player may take a look at any card in the player’s hand by landing on any of the opponent’s “VK Monitor Terminals.” Winning combat is a matter of rolling a higher number on the dice than the opponent. via Blade Runner board game CPC – Boardgames A-Z – Board Games & Card Games. AtRead More →

From Masakazu Takeda, just today I’ve received this unique Vid-Phon report “book”. In fact, a 20 pages booklet with complete information about Vid-Phon booth prop, with CD included. It depicts the real prop (one of them) used in the movie. The author has been so lucky to meet with the owner and take all kind of pictures from it. A nice report to (try to) do an accurate replica of this awesome prop! Thank you Masakazu! This report worths its value! In Japanese and English. Informe Vid-Phon Directo de Masazku Takeda, justo hoy acabo de recibir este único informe en forma de libro sobre elRead More →

I have no words to explain what I feel today. Paul Smith’s Whiskey Bottle has arrived!!! Here you have some pictures. No more for now…. ¡La botella de whiskey ha llegado! No tengo palabras para expresar lo que siento hoy. ¡¡¡La botella de whiskey de Paul Smith ha llegado!!! Aquí tienes algunas imágenes. Por ahora nada más…Read More →

The Capt. Bryant watch is a double watch. None has been lucky in the research process. Thus, a popular opinion is that this particular two LED watch was a montage. From two watches, removing half of them, mounting together, the results is a “Bryant watch”. Well, another question, identify the original watch. Seems like Hamilton LED watches was used by Blade Runner prop makers. Finding one of these are very difficult, and they are not cheap!!! This is my own Hamilton LED watch. Found in US, from a private collector. Is not exact, but very accurate to the Bryant original parts. These are my bestRead More →

I cannot believe, but I still haven’t found all the books about Blade Runner world… 🙂 This is a little booklet about Harrison Ford filmography. Cannot say any more. Is in Japanese! Thus, you must wait until I finish my Japanese studies… 😛 Interesting pictures compilation about Ford’s career. Un librito dedicado a Harrison Ford en japonés No puedo creerlo, pero aún no he encontrado todos los libros que hay sobre Blade Runner en el mundo… 🙂 Este es un pequeño librito sobre la filmografía de Harrison Ford. Poco puedo añadir. ¡Está en japonés! Así que… tendrás que esperar hasta que termine mis estudios deRead More →

Well, this is a Flikr gallery of the new location (or at least, it seems) of the survivor spinner. The only one that still “fly”! 🙂 An interesting set of hi-res pictures to all of us. Great details. Some pics are blurry, but… who cares? 🙂 ¡El spinner todavía vuela! Bien, se trata de una galería Flikr del nuevo lugar donde se encuentra (o eso parece) el spinner superviviente. ¡El único que todavía “vuela”! 🙂 Un interesante conjunto de imágenes de alta resolución para todos nosotros. Buenos detalles. Algunas imágenes están borrorsas, pero… ¿a quién le importa? 🙂 (click in the image / haz clicRead More →