Seen in ebay: 1:1 Scale professionally finished Daryl Hannah as a Replicant from Bladerunner Bust The bust has been finished with real hair and eyelashes for added realism and painted screen accurate! Limited edition of ten produced by artist DaWolf! Signed and numbered on the back 1 of 10! As seen in the pictures, bust is flat at the back to allow it to be hanged on the wall for easy storage! Very rare and hard to find piece! Very impressive piece standing over 14″ high! I hate this figure. Do you will pay *some* money for it? Busto de Pris a escala 1:1 YoRead More →

This bootleg contains an interesting track list. Los Angeles – November 2019 0’30 Third Sector – China Town 4’43 Fourth Sector – downTown3’58 Nineteenth Sector – Police Headquarters 2’43 Twenty-Fifth Sector – Tyrell Corporation 6’27 Seventh Sector – Apartment 9732 12’12 Ninth Sector – Urban Blues 12’02 Fifth Sector – Animoid Row 7’15 Second Sector – DNA Row 4’59 Seventh Sector – Apartment 9732 (reprise) 7’06 Eighth Sector – Nocturnal Rain 3’45 Tenth Sector – The Bradbury Building 13’03 Un interesante bootleg con los sonidos ambientales de la película. Los Angeles – November 2019 0’30 Third Sector – China Town 4’43 Fourth Sector – downTown3’58Read More →

A complete review of 2008 can be read here: ¡Boletín de Syd Mead como felicitación navideña! Puedes leer (en inglés) un completo repaso del año 2008 aquí: If unavailabe, you can read it here. Si no está disponible, puedes leerlo aquí.Read More →

Today I’ve received three Blurb books. None involved with Blade Runner. Two of them have Japan as subject. The other one, beautiful landscapes. Well, each one has different approachs in composition, cover, bindings, number of pages and so on. And all of them looks great in overall. Only type could be better in one of the books. Perhaps author faults, I don’t know. But, paper quality and picture quality is great! I think this will be the way… Blurb editions, one by one, with a reasonable cost, easy distribution to US/Canada market and not so expensive to Europe. Time of printing from order is aboutRead More →

I have no words to explain what I feel today. Paul Smith’s Whiskey Bottle has arrived!!! Here you have some pictures. No more for now…. ¡La botella de whiskey ha llegado! No tengo palabras para expresar lo que siento hoy. ¡¡¡La botella de whiskey de Paul Smith ha llegado!!! Aquí tienes algunas imágenes. Por ahora nada más…Read More →

Yeah, a new star has born. Shirak works with illustration, photography, cosplay, and many more things… all of this, ART. I know her thru Nexus gallery, thus, Pris character played with a nice style. Go and visit her site. It’s a different world worth a journey! Apertura de la site de Shirak Ha nacido una nueva estrella. Los trabajos de Shirak en ilustración, fotografía, cosplay, y muchas otras cosas… todo ello, es ARTE. La conocí a través de su galería Nexus, emulando a Pris con un bonito estilo. Visita su página. ¡Es otro mundo que bien vale un viaje!Read More →

Thanks to SKIN JOB 66 from Propsummit (thank you Fred!) I know the existence of this craftman. Its the maker of some clay pipes and other things, most of them produced as movie props. And… Blade Runner has more clay pipes through the movie as any other, I think. Play this game. Catch ALL the pipes that appears in the movie… if you can! The relationship between pipes, the duck weight over Deckard’s piano and opium is clear. What about drugs in Blade Runner??? Surprisingly, Deckard never smokes in the movie (no cigars, no cigarettes, no pipe…). Pipas de arcilla de Bedley Pipes & PotteryRead More →

Last items received just today and yesterday: 1. A rare croatian magazine. Daryl Hannah as Pris in front cover. 2. A (also) rare croatian poster of Blade Runner. 3. Blade Runner Director’s Cut Remastered edition Spanish. 4. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, abridged version. 2 copies. 5. Oil painting. Batty with dove. Original. 6. DVD Vision. French edition. Blade Runner Final Cut review. 7. Blade Runner  Screenplay (possibly from Special Edition in box). En las últimas semanas del año… Ultimos items recibidos entre ayer y hoy: 1. Una revista croata con Daryl Hannah en portada como Pris. 2. Un poster croata de Blade Runner.Read More →

Blade Runner 2 – The edge of human K. W. Jeter In 1982 Ridley Scott’s brilliant science fiction movie Blade RunnerTM was released, and a phenomenon was born. Set in the steel-and-microchip jungle of 21st-century Los Angeles, Scott’s masterpiece re-created our vision of the future, telling the story of Rick Deckard, a “blade runner” who tracks down and execute renegade androids. Now, for the millions of fans of the movie, K.W. Jeter’s stylish and sophisticated new novel will reenter that seedy, high-tech world for a new chapter of thrilling futuristic suspense. «Rick Deckard was last seen trying to flee Los Angeles with the beautiful replicantRead More →