Some weeks ago my friend Joan Cairos give me very valuable information about some props in Blade Runner. From a candid photo of Pris playing with the doll, he worked in the bottom of the picture. Yeah, in this location there are a pile of ancient books. Three of them shows the spine and titles. Wanna know the best part? Joan identified all of them accurately!!! And shared this info with me! Ok. So, with titles and author names I’ve done a fast search in the Net. Results: the three books were located as well. One of the is in my hands yet. The otherRead More →

After some hassles and issues with mail service, today is a great day. Received a big box with two Tyrell pyramid parts inside. They was casted from originals molds. The pieces measures 130×368 mm and 60×155 mm. Color match the movie and the details are awesome! Tras algunos problemillas con el servicio postal, hoy es un gran día. RecIbo una caja grande con dos piezas de la pirámide Tyrell en su interior. Han sido hechas a partir de los moldes originales usados en la producción de la película. Las piezas miden 130×368 mm y 60×155 mm. El color coincide con la película ¡y es realmenteRead More →

These nice clay pipes are very very fragile, so, I’ve stored for months in a sturdy cardboard box plenty of foam bubbles and so on. Till now. I’ve found this neat wood box (thank you Carles!) and size are perfect to place some pipes inside. Using a balistic simil foam inside, I’ve put four pipes in with no hassles. The result is a almost proof protected environment for the pipes, and a good showcase, IMHO. Estas bonitas pipas de arcilla son muy pero que muy frágiles, así que se han pasado meses metidas en una caja de cartón rígido rellena de bolitas de porex. HastaRead More →

Mini Argyle chair replica and postcard. This nite creation by Rennie Mackintosh appears clearly in the movie. The original one replicas 1:1 scale are available, but pricey! So… this is an alternate way to have it. One for a doll house, and one to put in a file archive or to send a friend. Cheap ones! Miniatura de la silla Argyle y tarjeta postal. Esta bonita creación de Rennie Mackintosh aparece claramente en la película. Las réplicas de la silla original a tamaño real están disponibles, pero realmente caras. Así que… esta es una alternativa para tenerla. Una para la casita de muñecas, y otraRead More →

Almost there… Two sheets of original blueprints copied. Nice scale to work and read measures. The goal is to build an scale spinner from these blueprints if possible. Let’s see if, together with reference pictures and so on, we are able to do it! Casi todos… Dos hojas de los planos originales fotocopiadas. Una buena escala para trabajar y leer medidas. El objetivo es construir un modelo del spinner a escala a partir de estos planos si es posible. Veremos… junto con las fotografías de referencia y otros materiales, ¡si somos capaces de hacerlo!Read More →

Not 100% accurated, but very close, this set of birds chess set is the most similar to JF Sebastian chess set. The box contains the moulds to build a complete set with resin. Now, I need the mastery of resin casts to produce a raw set… and then, refine and paint. Juego de ajedrez: pájaros No es 100% igual, pero se parece mucho. Este juego de ajedrez de pájaros es muy similar al de JF Sebastian. La caja contiene los moldes de silicona para construir un juego completo con resina. Ahora, sólo falta la maestría para hacer las piezas, pulirlas, pintarlas….Read More →

The complete Braun Domino lighter set. Three astrays and one lighter. Very rare and hard to find. But patience has good rewards. Not ever, but sometimes… is a great reward! This set was located thru my automatic search feature in eBay site. When it pops in my mailbox, I was excited. A complete set available? Wow. The previous Domino lighters were an “epic” adventure to be located and won. In this case, the battle was fast and easy. El set Domino Juego completo del encendedor Braun Domino. Tres ceniceros y un encendedor. Muy raro y difícil de encontrar. Pero la paciencia tiene buenas recompensas. NoRead More → has done a great job making this replica. Good wallet, and nice ID cards inside, plus money! Excellent quality in each of these items. And a plenty of room to put in some more… like the credit card made by Kevin, or VK card… La cartera de Deckard Un buen trabajo el de en esta réplica. Una cartera de buena calidad, con varias tarjetas de identificación en su interior, ¡y llena de billetes! Todos los elementos presentan una alta calidad en sus cabados. Y además, mucho espacio para añadir otros… tal como la tarjeta de crédito hecha por Kevin, o la tarjeta deRead More →

Here you have some pictures of my new showcase, devoted to the Blade Runner weapons for now… It’s a BERTBY Ikea one. Nine shelves to put in very nice items. In the pictures you may see a Hartford Blaster, Offworld Blaster, a one block resin blaster and then, some COP 357 replicas: two Marushin COP 357, black and silver, and one block resin version. I planned to put in the showcase the two PKD models from Rick Ross, but unfortunately, they are still unmounted and unpainted… Una nueva vitrina Aquí os presento una serie de fotografías de mi nueva vitrina, dedicada a las armas deRead More →

Several publications about Braun design and Dieter Rams, from 1997 to 2003. Braun items are a must in the Blade Runner sets, not only Deckard’s apartment, Braun objects appears for everywhere: inside the spinners, in the ADN microscope, in the Leon room, and so on. El diseño industrial de Braun Varias publicaciones sobre el diseño de Braun y Dieter Rams, desde 1997 a 2003. Los objetos Braun son una constante en los escenarios de Blade Runner, no sólo en el apartamento de Deckard. Los objetos aparecen en todas partes: dentro del spinner, en el microscopio de ADN, en la habitación de Leon, etc.Read More →

One of the several books that appears in the Deckard’s apartment is “Five and ten”, by John K Winkler, and edited (this one) by Bantam. It depicts the life of FW Wolworth. It’s not difficult to locate a copy. Try Abebooks, for instance. Five and ten Uno de los varios libros que aparecen en el apartamento de Deckard es “Five and ten”, de John K Winkler, y editado (en este caso) por Bantam. Relata la vida de FW Wolworth. No es difícil encontrar una copia. Puedes probar en Abebooks, por ejemplo.Read More →

Another interesting fan creation is this apartment card. Created by Kevin (Propsummit). This is suposed to be used by Deckard to enter his apartment. Tarjeta del apartamento de Deckard Otra interesante creación de aficionado es esta tarjeta llave. Creada por Kevin, de (Propsummit). Se supone que es la tarjeta usada por Deckard para entrar en su apartamento.Read More →