Mini Argyle chair replica and postcard. This nite creation by Rennie Mackintosh appears clearly in the movie. The original one replicas 1:1 scale are available, but pricey! So… this is an alternate way to have it. One for a doll house, and one to put in a file archive or to send a friend. Cheap ones! Miniatura de la silla Argyle y tarjeta postal. Esta bonita creación de Rennie Mackintosh aparece claramente en la película. Las réplicas de la silla original a tamaño real están disponibles, pero realmente caras. Así que… esta es una alternativa para tenerla. Una para la casita de muñecas, y otraRead More → has done a great job making this replica. Good wallet, and nice ID cards inside, plus money! Excellent quality in each of these items. And a plenty of room to put in some more… like the credit card made by Kevin, or VK card… La cartera de Deckard Un buen trabajo el de en esta réplica. Una cartera de buena calidad, con varias tarjetas de identificación en su interior, ¡y llena de billetes! Todos los elementos presentan una alta calidad en sus cabados. Y además, mucho espacio para añadir otros… tal como la tarjeta de crédito hecha por Kevin, o la tarjeta deRead More →

Here you have some pictures of my new showcase, devoted to the Blade Runner weapons for now… It’s a BERTBY Ikea one. Nine shelves to put in very nice items. In the pictures you may see a Hartford Blaster, Offworld Blaster, a one block resin blaster and then, some COP 357 replicas: two Marushin COP 357, black and silver, and one block resin version. I planned to put in the showcase the two PKD models from Rick Ross, but unfortunately, they are still unmounted and unpainted… Una nueva vitrina Aquí os presento una serie de fotografías de mi nueva vitrina, dedicada a las armas deRead More →

Board game: 2-4 Players Each player is dealt six cards. Each card has a number from one to ten. A player who is dealt a hand totaling thirty-five or more is a Replicant; otherwise one is Human. The object is find a Replicant and destroy one to win the game. A player may take a look at any card in the player’s hand by landing on any of the opponent’s “VK Monitor Terminals.” Winning combat is a matter of rolling a higher number on the dice than the opponent. via Blade Runner board game CPC – Boardgames A-Z – Board Games & Card Games. AtRead More →

A new blaster has arrived. Marked as M2019 C.S. Blaster model-gun kit, with a japanese cardbox, and MFG HWS legend, this plastic and metal modelgun is really heavy. Metal parts are everywhere, except grips and LED’s circuit case. Includes bullets able to hold fluminant to be fired! A very nice piece IMHO. M2019 C.S. BLASTER (Hartford) Ha llegado una nueva blaster. Marcada como kit M2019 C.S., en un estuche de cartón escrito en japonés, y con la leyenda MFG HWS, este modelo de pistola de plástico y metal es realmente pesado. Es prácticamente metálica toda ella, excepto las culatas y el cajetín del circuito deRead More →

Today, a new lamp arrived to be added. A pink Saturn Fair replica, based in the original moulds (as said by vendor). These lamps are beautiful and very heavy (luckily, they arrived well in both cases). The first one was a blue globe one. You can check it in the movie when piano appears. First when Deckard checks the Rachael’s photo, then when she plays the piano. The original lamp was made to conmemorate the World Fair in 1923. Un nueva lámpara para añadir Hoy ha llegado una nueva lámpara para añadir a la colección. Una réplica de la Saturn Fair en color rosa, basadaRead More →

From Masakazu Takeda, just today I’ve received this unique Vid-Phon report “book”. In fact, a 20 pages booklet with complete information about Vid-Phon booth prop, with CD included. It depicts the real prop (one of them) used in the movie. The author has been so lucky to meet with the owner and take all kind of pictures from it. A nice report to (try to) do an accurate replica of this awesome prop! Thank you Masakazu! This report worths its value! In Japanese and English. Informe Vid-Phon Directo de Masazku Takeda, justo hoy acabo de recibir este único informe en forma de libro sobre elRead More →

WTF is polystone? I’m not sure, but vendor sais this replica was made in this material. Or resin… I cannot be sure, but it seems more like concrete than resin. A 8″x8″x1″ tile, bright and well formed. Some bubble-holes around, but it’s a very nice piece overall. Replica de piedra artificial de una baldosa de la Ennis House No estoy seguro de si es piedra artificial, pero no parece ser otra cosa. La resina tiene otro tacto. En cualquier caso parece cemento blanco. Baldosa de 20×20, luminosa y bien formada. Tiene algunos agujeritos de burbujitas, pero en general es una buena pieza.Read More →

From Indy Magnolia (New Zealand), an excellent Deckard’s necktie replica. The same design, good texture. La corbata de Deckard Desde Indy Magnolia (Nueva Zelanda), una excelente réplica de la corbata de Deckard. El mismo diseño, buena textura. Deckard´s necktieRead More →

Recently I received a great pile of junk. Yes, JUNK… Between trash and more trash, I found these two pieces, not finished yet, but interesting anycase. A little almost finished spinner, and a not so finished, just out of mould, sedan. I think could be a great starting point to make two beautiful replicas. But… seriously, I cannot do this fine work, and, in the other hand, the spinner look is very satisfiyng for me. What do you think? Modelos de un spinner y un sedan de Deckard Hace poco recibí una inmensa montaña de trastos. Si, TRASTOS… Entre basura y más basura encontré estasRead More →

The Lego™ spinner project is a piece by piece one. Here you have the windscreen central piece, according the Kaitimar model I want to replicate. A nice piece of traslucent black PVC. Three arrived, thus, I could do three replicas… if the rest of pieces arrives as well! Las piezas del spinner llegan una por una El proyecto de spinner hecho con Lego™ es realmente un proyecto de pieza a pieza. Aquí tienes la pieza central del parabrisas, según el modelo de Kaitimar que quiero duplicar. Una bonita pieza de PVC traslúcido negro. Han llegado tres, así que con suerte podré montar tres ejemplares… ¡siRead More →

As seen in the Deckard’s apartment, briefly, just when Rachael go out when she knows her replicant nature. Designed by Jürgen Greubel in 1970. Available at ebay for a price… La exprimidora licuadora BRAUN Multipress MP50 Tal com se ve en el apartamento de Deckard, justo cuando Rachael se marcha al saber su condición de replicante. Diseñada por Jürgen Greubel en 1970. Se puede conseguir en ebay a un cierto precio…  Read More →

Leon gun prop received just this week. It’s a Marushin COP 357 replica done by Airsoft. It’s a gas gun, with movable barrel, 4 shots, etc. It’s a nice item for a price. Better than resin replicas. This gun appears as the Leon gun in Blade Runner, but also in Matrix Reloaded, as the gun used by Persephone (Monica Bellucci). It looks better in Monica’s hand! 🙂 La pistola de Leon Acabo de recibir una réplica de la pistola de Leon esta semana. Se trata de una Marushin COP 357 fabricada por Airsoft. Es una pistola de gas, con barrilete móvil, 4 disparos, etc. Está bienRead More →

Yes, today is a great day! Seven new items arrived! Mail begins to work these days… Here is a brief detail of all: 1. Gaff unicorn handmade and instructions to do it. 2. Final Cut review in Film Review magazine, English. 3. 2019 Blaster replica. Not Coyle one, but a nice piece. Plastic and metal parts. 4. The Final Cut, French edition, in digipack with cards. 5. The Final Cut, German edition, in metal box, unopened. 6. Real spinner pictures. The author sells them thru ebay from time to time. 7. DADoES. Another edition. Cover collector, you know? XD Los Siete Pecados de hoy Sí,Read More →