The BRAUN juice extractor Multipress MP50

The BRAUN juice extractor Multipress MP50

As seen in the Deckard’s apartment, briefly, just when Rachael go out when she knows her replicant nature. Designed by Jürgen Greubel in 1970. Available at ebay for a price…

La exprimidora licuadora BRAUN Multipress MP50

Tal com se ve en el apartamento de Deckard, justo cuando Rachael se marcha al saber su condición de replicante. Diseñada por Jürgen Greubel en 1970. Se puede conseguir en ebay a un cierto precio…



  1. We have had the braun juice extractor multipress MP50 for years and it is wearing out pretty fast. We are trying to locate another one. Do you know where we can get another one? Thanks

  2. Author

    I’ve located mine at ebay. Look for it in Europe area. Good luck!

  3. I have a MP50 used very little $20.00
    I don’t know about shipping.

  4. Hi Cornelius,

    I am interested in the Braun MP50. Does it come with the instruction manual? Do you ship to Montreal, QC, Canada? My postal code is H1S 3E6.

    Thank you,

  5. Braun MP50

    Looking to buy this item for a birthday gift

    Please email if you have one to sell or parts

  6. Author

    This item is not for sale. I find it in ebay Germany.

    Hope this helps.

  7. My father worked at Gillette corp which owned Braun in the 70’s and 80’s. I have since then many Braun items like the MP50 or a very early Braun M1 blender (1950’s), and digital clocks, calculators, lighters… I didn’t know fans loved so much this brand I admire since i’m kid. Your site is great

  8. Author

    Thank you for your kind comment! Interesting this fact! I’m collecting all the info about this Brand involved in the movie. So I’ll appreciate all you can offer!

  9. I have a MP50 and unfortunately the engine is out of order.I shall appreciate if i can bay a similar one ,even second hand .
    Anticipted thanks and best regards!

  10. Author

    I found mine in (ebay Germany), it’s the best source for it.

  11. I just found one in a thrift store for 15 USD!! I didn’t know how good a find it was until researching it. I never would have guessed that the design was 40 years old!! Works fantastic. That’s great how it was spotted in Bladerunner, mabe my favorite sci-fi film.

    Joan, the linking of your pics isn’t working for me. Do you have higher res posted somewhere?

  12. Author

    Ken, you’re a lucky man. This Multipress is not easy to find, not a this price, so, congratulations!
    My pics are not linked with hi-res versions (not all). I’m waiting to have enough free time to build a complete gallery with all my items, books and so on. But for now no hi-res links area available.
    If you want some hi-res pics I could send you thru direct email.
    Please, use the big @ button in the header blog to contact me.

  13. I am happy to see continuing comments on the MP-50. I have one for sale, in U.S. craigslist. I recently saw Bladerunner again, so it is interesting to see the MP-50 shot you posted.

  14. I have a nice MP 50 in original box made in Germany.

  15. just picked up a mp 50 used and trying to take it apart to wash after removing lockscrew cannot remove the blade as there is a plastic nut that will not budge. any ideas?

    thanks in advance.

  16. Author

    Oh, I’m sorry. Mine is clean so I never open it or dissasembled… Perhaps a User Manual will help. Have you googled for it?

  17. Same problem here as Daeve, i am sure I managed to open it to clean the blade and the aluminium part before. I got mine from my mom since she didn´t used it for ages. A copy of the manual of the MP50 can still be downloaded on the website of braun. It´s multilanguage. However no instruction about cleaning and how to get passed that plastic nut…