What would you dial for poker?

What would you dial for poker?

Philip K Dick was an inventor of some impressive sci-fi technology, from the incredibly efficient scanning equipment and suits in A Scanner, Darkly to the technology we’re going to be discussing here – the Penfield Mood Organ (http://www.enotes.com/androids-dream-electric-sheep/q-and-a/what-penfield-mood-organ-3207), the mood-changing device featured in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and Bladerunner.

An incredibly powerful device with settings that number in the hundreds, it allows people to feel everything from depression to the urge to watch television. Rick Deckard himself used it to give himself the drive to hunt down the Nexus 6 androids. So, going on that theme, we thought we’d take a challenge requiring controlling your mood, or at least other people’s perceptions of your mood. So we thought we’d come up with a few Penfield Mood Organ settings for you when you’re logging onto partypoker or playing the game in person.

327) Total and complete calm in the face of incredible odds.

Sometimes you feel like the chips are simply stacked against you, and we feel that this mood will enable you to overcome the debilitating realisation of just how small your chances of winning can be when you’ve got a pair of twos and you know at least one person may have a royal flush. Bluff, bluff, and monster it out at the poker table with this setting active.

692) An urge to study probability mathematics.

Probability maths = the answer to your poker prayers. Some of the best analyses of a current situation at a poker table comes from knowing the mathematical odds of winning, having certain cards in play that aren’t yours, or having a card you desperately need to show up actually do so. Not everyone wants to study mathematics to play poker though, so this mood setting should help.

889) The desire to hold back despite having a reasonable hand.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to restrain yourself, and setting 889 should help you to do that. Not every hand is a gift from above and you’ll soon realise that assuming okay cards are enough, even with serious poker skills, isn’t a good idea. When it comes to the reveal, no amount of awesome bluffing will save you. So switch to this setting and give it a shot.

Now over to you – what settings would you invent for the purposes of poker or other activities?