Mar 282007

We are in the Wikipedia! Yes, from now, I’m a contributor to Blade Runner article in Wikipedia, the Spanish version, of course. You can visit it at here. If you prefer the English version, point to this oter link.

¡Estamos en la Wikipedia! Si, desde ahora soy colaborador del artículo Blade Runner en la Wikipedia, en versión española claro. Puedes visitarlo aquí. Si prefieres la versión inglesa apunta el navegador hacia este otro enlace.

  4 Responses to “Wikipedia”

  1. A very nice display! If I may ask, where did you find the stands for your blasters?

  2. I’ve not been able to get to these files via the link. All appear to be broken. Does anyone have these files stored somewhere else?

  3. Blasters stands were custom made by a friend…

  4. Files? The links send you to Wikipedia pages…